Episode 215 – What Xbox Series X Needs to Bring in July

The PlayStation 5 reveal event was this week, and we have our reactions to it. What did Sony do right in their presentation, and what can Xbox capitalize on in their July first-[arty show? Also, we discuss some of the great things the PlayStation 5 show had and how Xbox can incorporate them into their own show to help connect better with fans.

Bungie had a Destiny 2 event this week, and it was a breath of fresh air into the game and the franchise. We talk about how Bungie is making the right moves to make the Destiny franchise successful for years to come. Finally, we look ahead to EA Play this coming week and share what we’re most looking forward to with Star Wars: Squadrons, Madden NFL 21, FIFA 21, Battlefield, and more.

To round things out, we share the biggest Xbox releases of the coming week and answer fan questions in our weekly fan mail segment.

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