Episode 212 – The Best Xbox Exclusives Ever

Join us this week as we discuss Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Ubisoft, PGA Tour 2K21, Super Mega Baseball 3, and more! Also, we reveal our top five Xbox exclusives of all time!

For more on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: https://generationxbox.com/tony-hawks-pro-skater-1-and-2-remastered-announced/

For more on Ubisoft: https://generationxbox.com/ubisoft-announces-ubisoft-forward-event/

Check out our Super Mega Baseball 3 Review Here: https://generationxbox.com/super-mega-baseball-3-review/

Check out the Top 10 Xbox exclusives ever: https://generationxbox.com/the-top-10-xbox-exclusives-of-all-time/


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