Episode 114 – Should More Games Be on Early Access?

This week, we discuss the Early Access program on Xbox as We Happy Few prepares for the launch of its full game on the 10th. When is Early Access a good idea for a game, and should players be OK with essentially being game testers? We also discuss this in the context of games like Sea of Thieves, DayZ, and more.

A FIFA player discovered that he spent over $14K on Ultimate Team over the course of two years – what are our thoughts on the mode in sports games, and is it the same as microtransactions in games like Battlefront or Overwatch?

Finally, people are paying for Fortnite lessons for their kids(and themselves) and we discuss why this is suddenly a thing. Would our parents have ever coughed up cash for video game lessons? And when did just playing the game to get better stop being the way to go?

We detail the new releases for the week, including We Happy Few and Madden NFL 19, and answer community questions in our fan mail segment. To have a chance at our monthly giveaway, join the community using the links below!


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