Episode 107 – E3 2018 Wrap Up

E3 2018 is over, and we’re here to sum up what we saw this week and give you all of our top moments. We give you the 15 games and moments that got us most excited during the biggest video game show of the year this year. Did any huge announcements or games not make the list? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!

In addition, we talk about Sony’s decision to lock the Fortnite accounts for PS4 players to their console, not allowing player progression to travel between systems. Was this a good move by Sony, or could it backfire on them with their loyal fan base? Finally, we discuss Microsoft stating that they are deep into development on the next Xbox console, and the rumors that the next generation of consoles will arrive in 2020. Is that the right time to introduce a new generation, and how many games that we saw at E3 this year will be next gen games?

Finally, we do our final giveaway for E3 2018 and answer fan questions in our fan mail segment. To have a chance at one of our many giveaways we do for our awesome community, use the links below to join and take part!


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