EA Announces Return of College Football Series

In a tweet Tuesday morning, EA Sports told fans the news that they’ve been waiting to hear since 2014: EA Sports College Football was returning. The news was also announced on Electronic Arts earnings call today.

EA will partner with CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) to bring over 100 schools’ logos, stadiums, and traditions back to game consoles. In a press release, EA confirmed that players’ names and likeness would not be included in the series revival.

EA Sports has not released a game in the popular college football series since 2013’s NCAA Football 14. That game featured Denard Robinson from the University of Michigan on the cover. It is worth noting that the NCAA was not mentioned anywhere in the new title or in the press release, indicating that this project with the CLC is bypassing the NCAA altogether.

The NCAA Football series featured all schools and rosters, albeit without player names. Each game allowed fans the ability to download custom rosters into the game, which *wink* allowed players the ability to play with actual player names. The excellent Road to Glory and Online Dynasty modes gave players the chance to live the dream of college football glory. Road to Glory allowed you to do it as an individual player, while Online Dynasty allowed you to compete with your friends for the championship.

No release date was provided – just an indication that EA was in the early stages of development. Electronic Arts committed to having more news “as the project progresses in the years ahead”.

We’ll have more news on EA College Football is it becomes available. Stay with Generation Xbox for all the latest!


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