EA Abandons Anthem Next

Bioware have confirmed that they will no longer be developing Anthem Next. Development on the overhaul, that was planned after the action-RPG’s poor reception, will cease immediately. Bioware revealed the news on their blog. They said that working from home during the Covid pandemic caused difficulties that ultimately led to this decision.

Bioware’s development teams will now be focusing on the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. They will also continue to provide Star Wars: The Old Republic updates, according to the article published earlier today.

Anthem will continue to run in it’s current state, so fans can continue to play for now. Servers for EA games usually continue to run for a while after the final updates – EA Sports closed servers for their first UFC game last year, six years after it initially launched. Likewise, Bioware’s Mass Effect 3, which launched in 2012, still has active multiplayer servers today.

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