E3 2021 Will Likely Be a Digital Event

E3 is the good ol’ gaming event where we get to see what developers have cooking behind the scenes. It’s been a tradition since the 90s. Until last year, for unfortunately obvious reasons. Instead we got sporadic news from the companies throughout the year. Today, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has confirmed some details about what E3 will look like in 2021.

This year it looks we will be getting E3 back after all! Only this time, the plans involve it being a fully digital event for June. Considering the times we’re still living, this is a choice for the better. However, this also brings in some changes that would be very interesting to discuss.

E3 Demos

This is a big thing that’s going to be changing for the event. Demos are part of what make E3 E3. With it being digital only, how will they do demos? Will they put some of the demos as demos you can download on the consoles available or will they not have anything to show? Here’s hoping for the first option as it would be good to have more open access to those E3 demos.


Presentations are pretty easy to handle in a fully digital environment. One, it’s more cost-effective for the companies and two, they can put whatever they want in it with less pressure. This allows the companies to be more free with what they can show which can allow for surprises that may not be shown in regular conferences. We can only wait and see.

Let’s see what happens

That’s basically all we can do right now. It’s to just wait and see what happens. Since this is in June, we still have to wait quite a bit to see what’s going to happen but speculating is always fun to do. Here’s hoping E3 2021 is a fun one.

What do you guys think? What do you all expect out of E3 this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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