DOOM Eternal New Master Level Released

Bethesda Softworks released a new update for Doom Eternal on December 1st adding a new master level into the game. The new master level is a remixing of the campaign mission “Super Gore Nest” from the original release. The update is free for all Doom: Eternal players.

This challenging level will feature multiple difficulties and modes that will reward the player with cosmetics upon completion. If players complete all the challenges, they will earn the golden combat shotgun skin. An additional challenge adds a bit of retro flair with the classic mode challenge. This challenge starts the player with the combat shotgun and none of the mods collected throughout the game. The player is forced to collect everything as they progress in this challenge, much like in the original games. If you can complete this challenge you will be rewarded with the green classic slayer skin for your trouble.

Doom Eternal Coming to Game Pass for PC

Along with the announcement of the new master level Bethesda also announced that Doom Eternal would be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3rd. All the DLC will be available just like on the standard Xbox Game Pass. This announcement isn’t very surprising as Micsosoft acquired Bethesda Softworks back in September. Interestingly enough, this information was put out by a Bethesda content manager on’s news side. Here’s a link to the official article. It will be cool to see how the relationship between the companies evolve and what it will mean going forward!

Does this news make you want to jump back into Doom Eternal? I know wanted to get back to killing demons when I heard it! If you are excited about the addition of a new master level or Doom Eternal coming to Game Pass for PC, let us know in the comments!

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