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Doodle God: Evolution was reviewed on the PC Version.

Does the name “Doodle God” ring a bell? If the answer is yes, I’m not surprised, as it was familiar to me too. Doodle God is a Flash Games franchise. The original game was published in 2010, followed by a sequence of rather mediocre sequels.

Puzzle games that make me work for the answer, that deliver a satisfying solution, are great. unfortunately, Doodle God falls at the first hurdle. The idea of Doodle God caught my attention at first glance, but upon trying the game I was met with a lack of creativity beyond what I expected.

It’s a simple game, designed to kill time whilst staring at your browser. It isn’t designed to be complex, or very interesting. When I come to my console, I’m ready to get stuck into a challenge. Doodle God: Evolution‘s release on console provides anything but. They’ve ripped the same mediocre Flash browser game and given it to the completely wrong audience on consoles. For young children, this could be a fun entry into puzzles, like a jigsaw, but there’s a much bigger market for that on mobile devices. As a console game, Doodle God: Evolution falls short.

Elemental Excitment… or Lack of

Doodle God: Evolution Review

God created the World in six days, and on the seventh he rested. Well, you are picking up his slack and getting to work creating another one. The gameplay involves mixing various elements together, like fire, air, and water. The satisfaction comes from the excitement of seeing what new element you’ve created. For me, that buzz simply never existed as the answer is immediately obvious. Human + Alcohol = Alcoholic wasn’t a particularly hard sum to solve.

Microtransactions Locked Behind a Paywall

Microtransactions can be great for free-to-play games. The developers get to earn money whilst providing free content for the countless players who want to enjoy the game without paying. Look at Fortnite, or League of Legends. They’ve prospered on this model. Paid games certainly aren’t the place to be packing in microtransactions, but that’s a message that Doodle God: Evolution failed to receive. I came to Doodle God: Evolution without any prior knowledge of the game, so microtransactions were quite the shock.


Doodle God: Evolution Review

The art style is packed full of colour, but that’s where the creativity ends. The choice to make every object static is very annoying. Every element that makes up the Earth is very calm and silent, completely devoid of thrills. There’s very little dynamic movement on the screen, making your creation rather bland. You’d think an omnipotent God would be a little more creative.


Doodle God: Evolution is a game released to the completely wrong market. Whilst it excelled on mobile and browsers over the years, it has absolutely no substance, and therefore no reason for console players to jump in. It doesn’t fit on modern systems, so it’s best to keep Doodle God in your head as a memory of days gone by, rather than in your Xbox library.

However, there’s certainly entertainment here for a younger audience. If you’re children enjoy puzzles and you are looking for a way to kill time, Doodle God might appeal to them. Who knows, maybe it’ll get a reminiscent smile out of you too.


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