Does Maneater Have Multiplayer?

Watching sharks in the movies is pretty cool, but there aren’t many ways for you to become the shark. Well, Maneater changes all that, as it puts you in control of the vicious predators of the ocean. You’ll splash, thrash, and eat your way through the open-world as you explore the hidden depths. Many are probably wondering whether they can jump into Maneater with a friend in a multiplayer mode.

Maneater is now available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. This guide will cover everything that you need to know about whether Maneater is multiplayer or not.

Is Maneater A Multiplayer Game?

Maneater Shark - is maneater multiplayer?

If you were hoping to thrash about in the ocean whilst causing havoc like Jaws with a friend, then Maneater isn’t the game for you. Maneater does not have multiplayer. Instead, it is a single-player experience in which you must level up your shark and fight back against the humans that are invading your sea.

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What Is Maneater?

Shark attacking a fisherman in Maneater - is maneater multiplayer?

Maneater is an open-world RPG in which you take control of a shark. You start your journey as a baby shark (sorry for getting that song stuck in your head again) and must work your way up to a fully-grown adult by chomping on anything that moves. As you grow and learn to dominate the ocean, you will eventually be able to face off other apex predators, as well as some particularly evil humans that seek to harm you and all other sharks. If you are on the Xbox Series X, the chaos will look stunning in native 4K with HDR and ray-tracing at 60 FPS.

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