Division 2 – Data Mined Leaks

Last week Ubisoft created a test server for upcoming Division 2 updates and to get player feedback on the changes made. But they may have created more than they bargained for. Reddit user u/definitelyanalt16 shared to The Division reddit page his findings in the games data files.  

Spoilers ahead so if you do not want to know what Ubisoft has in store for the future of Division 2 then stop reading now.  

The Division 2 launched in February 2019 and personally was a massive step forward for the series. With its title update, Warlords of New York, which released early 2020 the game has had a great development path so far and it looks like things are only getting better. Reddit user u/definitelyanalt16 shared some critical information found in the games data files. The info leaks some upcoming Manhunt targets for players to take aim at. Just like the Warlords of New York DLC, manhunts have players taking on 4 lieutenants and the leader of the group. The interesting thing about this manhunt sees a rogue agent from the first game makes a return. Hornet will be the prime target for players to go after in this season’s manhunt, which is interesting as players in the first game did take out Hornet during a boss fight.  

The leaks also go on to explain what is happening with future seasons as well, all can be found here. All this was confirmed following a comment from Ubisoft and Division 2 developer Chris Gansler, saying;  

“Hey, everybody! 

The team wanted to chime in on this to clarify a couple of things. When we do Public Test Servers, the build used for these tests often times contain elements that are not part of the next Title Update. Unfortunately, this time it included a lot more than we would have liked and we understand that the spoilers to the narrative have an impact on players who were looking forward to learning about the lore while playing. While nothing is finalized in terms of upcoming content, please stay mindful of these players and keep using spoiler tags to discuss these topics.”

Following with,  

“We also wanted to confirm that we are indeed working on more content outside of upcoming Seasons and that one of the current ideas is to add a PVE mode that is meant to scratch the replayability itch. This is still in the early stages of development and is not set for release soon. In addition, while we understand the comparisons that are being made to Underground, we want to clarify that we don’t intent to simply copy game modes from the first game, and that this new mode will not be “Underground 2.0” and will have a unique and new take on the topic. 

Thank you and stay safe!” 

Really good to see the devs get straight onto it and without trying to cushion the issue or flat out ignoring it, he confirmed it was an issue on their side as they have accidentally released too much in terms of information in the game’s files for this PT build.  Although whilst nothing is formalized it is pretty clear that the season 2 leaks are correct but take the leaks past season 2 with a hint of salt. Also confirmed was the leak of a PvE mode similar to The Division’s PvE mode released in the later DLC.  

I personally thoroughly enjoyed The Division 2 and still sinking hours into it each week. So the news of even more DLC and content is always welcome. Considering game studios are not starting to move away from supported content such as DICE with Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Even better news would be if Ubisoft came out and confirmed they have plans for moving The Division 2 to the next generation of consoles, I can only dream though.  

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