Dirt 5 Impression: Clear Road After A Glitchy Start?

Upon its release, Dirt 5 was criticized for its visual and freezing bugs. But time has passed, and the game has been patched. With it being added to Xbox Game Pass, we thought it would be a perfect chance to see how it’s doing now. Here are our Dirt 5 impressions after the patches.

The game mostly focuses on off-road racing, although there are other events you can play. The game offers a career mode, an online mode and an arcade mode. With a range of maps, events and cars, the game has much to offer.

Technical Problems Fixed?

In our initial review, we’ve talked about how the game had potential. The problem that stopped it from being great were all technical. Long loading times, visual glitches and game crashes were all plaguing it. Luckily, those problems seem to have faded. At least, for the most part.

At launch, we reported that loading times were around 2-3 minutes. Now, in over the 70 races that we played, there was never a loading time that long. At most, they would last around 30 seconds.

As far as visual glitches, there was only a few incidents of textures not loading. They don’t ruin the game, but they were pretty noticeable. Most of the time, however, everything looked beautiful.

In our original review we also noted that the game crashed more than 10 times. Things are wildly different this time around. In the almost 10 hours of game play, only three times did it crash.

Career Mode

With most of the problems fixed, I was able to enjoy the career mode. In this mode, you play as a rookie who’s being mentored by veteran driver, AJ. AJ starts a rivalry with fellow driver Bruno Durand which you soon become embroiled in. The mode doesn’t have any cut scenes. Instead, most of the exposition is told through audio clips from a podcast.

Career mode isn’t groundbreaking, but that doesn’t take away from the fun. With races being held in different locations such as China, Brazil and Greece, there’s enough variety to not get bored. What adds another element to the mix is the weather. Sometimes you’ll be driving under the bright sun, and other times you’ll be in the middle of a storm.

Dirt 5 driving in storm

Final Thoughts

Dirt 5 is a fun off-road game that has driven past most of its problems. If you’re scrolling through Xbox Game Pass looking for something to play, you might want to check this one out. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel (pun intended), but you’ll still have a good time.

What was your impression of Dirt 5? If you’ve not already got the game, you can buy it here. Don’t forget that it is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Let us know in our Discord, where you can join our growing community! You can find more from our team below:

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