Dirt 5 Career Mode and Release Date Revealed

Today, Codemasters have made a huge announcement about Dirt 5. In a narrated video, the developers talked about the upcoming racing games career mode. They also revealed the release date for the next instalment in this iconic racing series.

DIRT 5 is set to release October 9th, 2020, but what can racers expect from the career mode?

Career Mode

The Dirt 5 career mode will put players in the seat of a young, upcoming racing star, as you try to make a name for yourself and form a legacy that would rival any racing legend. The story will feature the voice acting of Troy Baker (The Last of Us) and Nolan North (Nathan Drake). They will play two feuding legends, Alex ‘AJ’ Janiček and Bruno Durand (respectively).

The career mode will also feature YouTube sensations, Donut Media. The whole story is tied together via the ‘DIRT Podcast’ presented by Donut Media. The podcast will feature interviews with all sorts of automotive personalities, that is sure to delight fans.

The gameplay in DIRT 5’s career mode will be split into five chapters. Within each chapter, players will be able to choose which events they want to participate in, earning themselves ‘stamps’. These stamps are used to unlock main events, which are the final stages before proceeding to the next chapter.

The career mode also features special ‘throwdown challenges’. These challenges will pit the players against some of the worlds most skills competitors.

Whilst progressing through the career mode, players will travel all over the globe. Races take place in locations from USA to China and everywhere in between.

Players will also be able to team up with friends as the game supports up to four players locally. This is a great way to earn stamps and progress through the career mode.

As player build their reputation, sponsorship offers and deals will come flying in, allowing many in-game rewards and customisations.

Dirt 5 will release on Xbox One, 9th October 2020. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more gaming news and updates. For more updates on Dirt 5 follow the game here.

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