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Destroy All Humans! is back in the form of a remake for Xbox One. The cult classic returns with force, keeping the same humor and essence of the title that conquered the public in 2005. THQ Nordic brings us back to Crypto-137 in its mission to dominate the The United States of the 50s. But it won’t be easy for you, so you will have to make use of all the weapons, skills, and improvements that you have available to reach the American Government. Humor, action and irreverent fun return in this dynamic remake, with which we’ll never be bored in our desire to dominate the Earth.

THQ Nordic and the Return of the C Classic IP

The Destroy All Humans! remake arrives developed thanks to Black Forest Games and Pandemic Studios; two teams with a long history in the world of video games. Black Forest Games has brought us titles such as Fade to Silence or Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Pandemic Studios has participated in titles like the originl Destroy All Humans!, Star Wars: Battlefront II or The Saboteur. Currently, part of his team is working for teams like 343 Industries, Treyarch, Infinity Ward or Respawn Entertainment.

THQ Nordic once again. This Viennese developer and distributor has experienced certain economic problems, but in recent times it is experiencing a rebirth. THQ Nordic is responsible for bringing us games like Darksiders, Hunt Showdown, Titan Quest, Biomutant or Kingdoms of Amalur.

Although THQ Nordic is one of the most consolidated companies in recent years, in the world of video games. The company owns Ips like Alone in The Dark, TimeSplitters, or Carmageddon. It has also immersed itself in the purchase of studios in the last year. Studios like Milestone S.R.L. (MotoGP, MXGP, RIDE) or Tarsier Studios (Little Nightmares) are already part of it. Let’s hope it continues to make noise on the next generation of consoles, with Xbox Series X leading the way.

It Came From Outer Space

Destroy All Humans! It offers us a fresh and modern version of the cult classic. Without losing it’s peculiar sense of political humor and it’s history full of the most typical cliches of the beginnings of science fiction. In this title we’ll embody the alien Crypto-137. After it’s predecessor, Crypto-136, travels to Earth and fails in it’s mission; Crypto-137 will be in charge of fulfilling the challenging mission of investigating humans, gathering information and ending the American Government.

However, your mission won’t be easy. Despite the stupidity of the human species, the North American Government has a team of expert men in black. Majestic, who won’t stop trying to search for and kill Crypto-137. So we’ll have to hurry to conquer the planet before it’s too late.

The game is a third person sandbox, of action and stealth. We’ll have to carry out the missions entrusted to us by Pox, a scientist who’ll guide us from the mothership. The missions will be varied; investigating specific areas of the map, kidnapping scientists, protecting towers or directly destroying military bases with our flying saucer. Although some must be carried out in concrete ways, whether by stealth or action. Sometimes it’ll be us who can choose the option that most convinces us. This will give us some freedom and allow the gameplay to adapt to the way we play.

Is That An UFO?

The combat is enjoyable and will allow us to make use of the different furon weapons that we unlock. Some examples of these wepons are the Disintegrator Ray, the Zap-O-Matic or the always useful Anal probe. Although some of these weapons will recharge over time, others will need ammo that we’ll obtain by transmuting objects.

In addition to weapons, Crypto-137 will be able to use it’s always useful flying saucer to wreak havoc. The ship has it’s own destructive weapons although, we’ll have to watch that the shield does not run out.

Holo What?

To fulfill these missions, Crypto-137 will have a series of skills and furon weapons, the technological advancement of it’s species. Very curious skills, quite varied and taken from the cliches of cinema and the most classic science fiction comics. Such as Psicokinesis (with which we can move objects) or Distraction. However, the most important ability for gameplay will be the Holobob, the possibility of diguising ourselves as humans.

The Holobob will be essential in certain areas of the game, called Restricted Areas. In these areas we’ll necessarily have to look human for our mission to succeed. For example, from soldiers in military zones or Majestic personnel, the dreaded “men in black”, at their base. But the Holobob will not be permanent, but may be altered and endangered, interrupted or disappear over time.

Destroy All Humans! It offers a quite polished and challenging steakth aspect. It won’t be enough for us to simply go into areas in disguise. We’ll also have to ensure that the Holobob is updated, avoiding all the dangers that we find in our path.

Little Gray Men

Both weapons and abilities can be improved thanks to the human DNA that we gain, both in the main missions and in the secondary ones. Or, replaying the missions to unlock everything. Something that we will not hesitate to do. THQ Nordic has managed to create a dynamic and addictive game that will make us detach ourselves from the control. It will be almost necessary for us to do everything, if we want to equip our alien with the necessary improvements to dominate the world.

Although short, the missions have a good pace. In addition, although they may appear simple, little by little they will become more complicated. THQ Nordic manages to measure the times very well, making the challenges gradually greater. Not everything will be to enter a zone and investigate, because the game will force us to be increasingly careful. All this full of charisma, acid humor and most endearing characters, that will hook us hopelessly.

If you are fans of the saga, you will notice certain differences compared to the original Destroy All Humans!, mainly in it’s playable aspect; from a more dynamic gameplay to the possibility of changing weapons with much more agility.

Pulp Fiction

Apart from all the above, which undoubtedly attracts the most attention of Destroy All Humans! The pulp fiction aesthetic of the 50s, marked by the beginnings of science fiction remains very well in the game. It will allow us to explore areas such as Rockwell (based on Rosswell) or their own version of Area 51.

The game offers us the possibility of re-exploring them to complete challenges, taking advantage of the sandbox mode. THQ Nordic has known how to squeeze the resources that it has had for Destroy All Humans! and manages to offer us a well-squeezed game that knows how to enhance it’s possibilities.

The dynamics between Crypto-137 and Pox is very successful, both becoming endearing characters. Counting on the return of their original voices, J. Grant Albrecht and Richard Steven Horvitz. The same happens with the secondary characters. Although they lose charisma with respect to the aliens, it will be a lot of fun to read the minds of the secondary characters, which is more typical than the previous one: town folk, soldiers or members of the Government who will blame everything on the communists. The game is very well recreated in the historical moment in which it is set. It offers irreverent political jokes and a satire achieved from the American society of the time.

Final Thoughts

Destroy All Humans! is a remake that manages to live up to the original, improving on what was played in 2005. The game is a scathing satire from the United States of the Cold War and it’s gameplay, characters and above all the setting will hook us. Without being any technical marvel, it does what it promises.

You can purchase Destroy All Humans! for $39.99 from the Microsoft Store. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for more reviews and everything else from the world of Xbox.

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  1. What a terribly written article.

    “ THQ Nordic has known how to squeeze the resources that it has had for Destroy All Humans! and manages to offer us a well-squeezed game that knows how to enhance it’s possibilities.”

    …a well squeezed game…

    The person who wrote this review gave me zero insight into how this game plays compared to the original or how it stacks up with other contemporary games. This review has the feeling of a teenager who didn’t read the subject of a book essay so they read a synopsis online and whipped something up the night before the deadline.

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