Destiny Division: The Haunted Forest Beckons

The Festival of the Lost is in full swing, and the Haunted Forest beckons guardians to get lost in its maze. Triple Infamy returns for Gambit this week, as well as the Flashpoint event moving to Titan.

The Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest is still available to players and brings weekly challenges that have reset. This will allow players to earn tier 3 powerful gear, as well as pinnacle gear for those able to clear 7 floors in a single run.

Players will need to obtain Cypher Decoders by completing any event across the galaxy. The decoders will allow players to obtain masks from previous festivals, festival weapons, and special shaders.

New Armor and Weapons come to Light

Bungie released a new trailer detailing several new weapons and armor pieces coming with the release of Beyond Light. Some of these weapons, such as the Salvation’s Grip, will use the new element Stasis. Others will change or boost current abilities, such as the Icefall Mantle. These bracers will replace the barricade ability with an over shield for mobile protection.

Weekly Resets

  • Flashpoint
    • The moon Titan is the weekly planet for players to complete activities on.
  • Crucible 
    • Lockdown: Fight for control of three zones, you can win instantly by capturing all three zones.
    • Mayhem: Guardian abilities and supers charge faster, while heavy ammo spawns more frequently.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal
    • The Festering Core is available for guardians to grind the highest score possible to earn powerful gear(tier 1) as well as pinnacle gear.

The Festival of the Lost runs until November 3rd, which means guardians will be able to explore the Haunted Forest for two more weeks. Beyond Light follows a week later on the 10th. Do not forget that Bungie will be vaulting many planets and events with the release of Beyond Light. For a complete list of the weapons, events, and planets being vaulted visit Bungie’s blog post.

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