Destiny Division: Last Week of the Festival of the Lost

As guardians celebrate the last week of the Festival of the Lost, the release of Beyond Light inches closer. With the release of the Story trailer last week, Bungie has released some new details as well as changes coming to weapons and armor in Beyond Light.

Variks is back in the Spotlight

After being spotted in the trailer last week, fan-favorite Variks got a highlight trailer talking about the power that Eramis has found. An Eliksni who has been alive since the Traveler abandoned the Eliksni before the events of Destiny 1. He was last seen helping Uldren Sov escape from the prison in Forsaken before disappearing and emerging on Europa watching Eramis grow in the power of Stasis.

Weapons and Perks are Changing in Beyond Light

Several of the weapon classes archetypes are getting changes to the way they work. Hand cannons seem to have the largest number of changes to the way guns will feel in Beyond Light.

Hand Cannons

  • Aggressive
    • Increases the Rate of Fire to 120, was 110.
    • Now allows custom tuning of stats
      • Such as damage falloff for 100 range starts at 32m now.
  • Adaptive and Precision 
    • Range stats have a larger impact on damage falloff range for both archetypes
      • Damage falloff starts at 25m instead of the previous 20m.
    • Precision hand cannons with a 180 RoF have magazines scaled up by 37 percent.
    • All Lightweight Hand Cannons have been merged with the Adaptive subfamily
      • With the exception of Sunshot.

Auto Rifles

Adaptive: Damage per bullet has been reduced to 14.25 from 15.75.

Many other specific weapons are receiving tweaks to balance gameplay in things such as Crucible and Gambit. To see the full breakdown of the classes and weapons changing, check out the link here.

Resets of the Week

  • The Haunted Forest
    • Clear seven branches of the Forest in one run.
    • Defeat twenty Terrors in the Haunted Forest.
    • For a breakdown of all the event rewards, check out our article on the Festival of the Lost.
  • Crucible Modes of the Week
    • Clash: Classic Team Deathmatch
    • Showdown: Round based combat where you must eliminate opposing guardians while preventing revives.
  • Flashpoint
    • Guardians will have to visit Devrim Kay in the EDZ to complete the Flashpoint event of the week for tier 1 Powerful Gear.
  • Contact
    • The penultimate Contact event is located on the planet Io.
Contact Public Event on Io
  • Ending with Beyond Light
    • The Following Triumphs, Events, and Rewards will be ending in two weeks with the launch of Beyond Light.
      • Season 11, The Season of Arrivals
      • Contact Public Event
      • Moments of Triumph 2020
Moments of Triumph 2020

The Festival of the Lost runs until next Tuesday, November 3rd.

Beyond Light launches on November 10th on PC, PS4, Stadia, and straight into Xbox Game Pass. To see a full breakdown of all the weapons, armor pieces, and planets being vaulted, visit Bungie’s website here.

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