Destiny Division: Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost is back today in Destiny 2! A festival to honor fallen guardians, Bungie brought back several classics staples of the event with some new twists this time around.

The Haunted Forest has reappeared for guardians to explore and race through. This year guardians will talk with the Spider, collect Cipher Decoders, and explore this maze of a forest for a chance at new limited rewards. In order to start taking part in the festivities, guardians must talk to Eva Levante, who will also give you festive masks and bounties to complete.

Festival of the Lost Brings the Tricks to the Treats

The Festival of the Lost brings back many cosmetics and items from previous festivals, along with brand new rewards. We see the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story Auto Rifles return, with new perks to obtain. We also see a new exotic mummy sparrow, Ghost, and ship join the fray.

Guardians will be able to fully embrace the festive spirits with brand new masks and armor ornaments. We see a vampire, zombie, and reaper set for Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters respectively.

Ornament Armor Sets for the Festival of the Lost

Finally, the Festival of the Lost brings new triumphs to complete, allowing you to purchase the Ghost Mummy pin after completing these triumphs.

The Standard Resets

  • This week’s Flashpoint event will find guardians traveling to Nessus.
  • The Nightfall: The Ordeal strike will earn guardians double rewards and is the “A Garden World” strike.
  • This week’s Eververse items include new Festival cosmetics, as well as cosmetics from past festivals.
  • In addition to the weekly milestones resetting, Supremacy and Countdown are the weekly Crucible rotation modes.
  • The Contact moves from Io to Titan until next Tuesday.

The Festival of the Lost runs from October 6th until November 3rd and is free for all players regardless if they have purchased the Season of Arrivals.

Watch Bungie’s trailer for the Festival of the Lost before donning your costume and exploring the Haunted Forest.

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