Destiny Division: Beyond Light Gets a Story Trailer

As the Festival of the Lost reaches its halfway point, Bungie gave us our first look at the story for the upcoming Beyond Light expansion. We see an Eliksni leader telling her people that they have been held captive by the creation of their own making for centuries, revealing herself to be a bearer of the light like the Eliksni of old. We then see another Eliksni interact with what looks like a fragment from the mysterious pyramids. He then harnesses the newest element, Stasis, for the first time. Variks calls the Vanguard to warn of this new development and says his people must survive. So the Vanguard travels to Europa to uncover the mystery of this new element and to crush the Fallen uprising. You can check out the Beyond Light story trailer below:

Crucible Modes of the Week

  • Breakthrough: Use a breaker to hack the opposing team’s vault, or choose to defend your own.
  • Momentum Control: Standard Control where weapons deal more damage, abilities only recharge with kills, and the mini-map is disabled.

Contact Public Event

  • The contact public event moves to Titan for guardians to complete “The means to an end” weekly quest, as well as earning pinnacle gear. The contact event will be discontinued upon the release of Beyond Light.

Ana Bray Brings a Flashpoint to Mars

  • Mars is the location for this week’s Flashpoint event

Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike

  • Revisit Savuthuns Song strike on Titan to earn more pinnacle gear and go for the highest Nightfall score.

Beyond Light releases November 10th and launches into Xbox Game Pass on the same day. Until then Game Pass subscribers can play Destiny 2 and all of the current expansions as a part of their subscription.

When players pre-order Beyond light they can obtain special bonuses based on the edition that they order. They can receive a special ghost, emblem, and sparrow, as well as an exotic pulse rifle with its catalyst.

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