Destiny Division: Beyond Light Brings the Darkness

With the release of Beyond Light a week ago, Guardians have been able to go hands-on with the changes the darkness has brought to the galaxy. From exploring Europa and fighting the eliksni army, to joining up with Osiris and hunting the Hive, Bungie has replaced the old planets with plenty of new content for Guardians to explore.

Commune with the Darkness

The Beyond Light story takes place on Europa, where Eramis, an Eliksni general, has united her people to harness a new power of the Darkness to fight back against the Traveler and its Guardians. Players will be able to explore a new subclass called Stasis, which is the power that Eramis wields.

The Tower Sees Some Changes

When exploring the classic social hub, Guardians will see some changes to the familiar Tower. There is now a monument to the Guardians who fell when the Darkness swallowed up the four vaulted planets. At this monument, Guardians will be able to secure exotic and legacy weapons from past expansions and seasons in exchange for a variety of resources.

The Monument to Fallen Lights

In addition to the monument to fallen Lights, the drifter has shaken up the rules for Gambit. Before Beyond Light there were two Gambit modes, Gambit and Gambit Prime. The Drifter has seen fit to take rules from both modes and combine them into a singular new Gambit experience. Guardians will be able to complete bounties for this mode while earning infamy to increase their standing with the Drifter.

Exotics get up Close and Personal

In addition to the exotics revealed in the gear trailer leading up to Beyond Light, Bungie has added two brand new exotic shotguns for Guardians to wield. The Duality is a shotgun that can switch between a spread shot and slug while hip firing and aiming down the site respectively. Players can earn this shotgun immediately by purchasing the Season of the Hunt or by reaching rank 35 in the free season pass. 

The Duality Shotgun

The Chaperone is the other exotic Shotgun Guardians will be able to get their hands on. While previously attainable through a random quest drop. Guardians can now receive a new questline from Hans Shaw in the Cosmodrome. This slug shotgun can be used as more of a one-shot rifle in the hands of a marksman.

The Chaperone Shotgun

Spoilers for the End of Beyond Light are Ahead

The Prismatic Recaster Gets Replaced in Beyond Light

Last season we saw the Prismatic Recaster appear, allowing Guardians to find new weapons and gear pieces. For the Season of the Hunt, we see two activities take the Recaster’s place. After completing the main quest line for Beyond Light, Variks will provide new activities on Europa to further dismantle House Salvation after Eramis’s defeat. Guardians will also be able to team up with Osiris to fight the Hive on the moon.

Travel Beyond the Light to Grow in the Darkness

Another activity after completing the main Beyond Light story is to grow stronger with your Stasis subclass. Guardians will be able to accept quests from the Exo Stranger to unlock aspects of the Stasis subclass. This is a new feature that will allow Guardians to customize the class to fit their play style.

Beyond Light brings plenty of new story content and quest lines for Guardians to explore on the new planet of Europa. The Raid for Beyond Light, Deep Stone Crypt, goes live on November 21st. Bungie also stated that it is hiding more content for players to explore until after the raid goes live.

Stay tuned for our review in progress soon here at Generation Xbox and get caught up with the Beyond Light Story in our coverage of the Trailers.

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