Destiny Division: Beyond Light Approaches

With the end of The Festival of the Lost, Beyond Light and the Season of the Hunt are only a week away. We got several new details describing the vaulting process of old planets. Bungie also laid out the new light caps, economy changes, and the vaulting of player items from their inventories.

Bungie unveiled the next season, Season of the Hunt, will run from November 10th until February and brings a season pass with brand new content to explore.

Season of the Hunt Roadmap

Find More Power Within the Light

In addition to increasing the Power Cap this season, Bungie is changing some of the ways guardians can climb the power cap while bringing the starting Power Level up from 750 to 1050. All gear under 1050 power will be raised to 1050, as well as the new starting power level being 1050.

Soft Cap: 1200
Hard Cap: 1250
Pinnacle Cap: 1260

Powerful Rewards have previously been available from completing weekly challenges, such as Strikes and Crucible matches. Bungie has confirmed that Powerful Rewards can now be earned while playing Strikes and Crucible matches even after you finish the weekly challenge.

Relics of a Lost Era

With the vaulting of planets, several changes are coming to the economy of Destiny. Planet items such as Alkane Dust will no longer be used at vendors starting at Season 13 (Season of the Hunt is Season 12). Other items that have not had use from other vendors and consumables will be removed from guardians’ inventories. For a full list of items that are being removed from guardians’ inventories, check here.

The Spider vendor is also getting a few reworks from his wares. When purchasing Enhancement Cores, they will no longer increase in price with every purchase. Guardians will be limited to five purchases a day but will be able to purchase them for 150 Legendary Shards instead of 310.

The Sun Sets on Some World Activities

Separate from the vaulting of the planets and their activities, three types of events are being removed from Destiny 2 separately.

  • Flashpoint Events
  • All Destination Adventures
  • World Quests from Year 1 locations

Weekly Resets

NightFall: The Ordeal
  • Double Nightfall: The Ordeal Rewards until the launch of Beyond Light
  • Bonus Infamy points for playing Gambit.
  • Flashpoint: The Tangled Shore
  • Contact: Makes it way to Titan
  • Crucible Modes:
    • Mayhem: Team Deathmatch where abilities and supers regenerate quicker, while heavy ammo will spawn more frequently.
    • Countdown: Teams go back and forth trying to detonate a bomb, defusing the enemy’s bomb, or eliminating all opposing guardians.

Destiny: Beyond Light releases on November 10th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Check out our coverage of Beyond Light‘s new story trailer here. Excited to play the new expansion? Join the conversation over on our forums!

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