Destiny 2 Content for Years to Come

Bungie held a Destiny reveal event today and revealed tons of content for Destiny 2. Those hoping for Destiny 3 are disappointed as it doesn’t look to be coming anytime soon. However, there will be 3 new expansions over the next few years. The first is Destiny 2: Beyond Light, releasing on September 22nd, 2020. Following that will be Destiny 2: The Witch Queen in 2021, and the working title, Destiny 2: Lightfall the following year.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will have you traveling to Europa. There will be a new raid, more strikes, and new exotics to collect. All three of the coming expansions will take place on never before seen worlds.

Launching today is the Season of the Worthy which adds challenges, Lost Sectors, a new Exotic questline, Trials of Osiris, Seasonal armor, and much more. Head over to Bungie to see the full list of content being included.

Another big change coming to Destiny 2 is the addition of the vault. Instead of making Destiny 3, Bungie has decided to keep updating Destiny 2. This comes with challenges because of the sheer amount of content included in the game. With the release of Beyond Light, certain content such as Io, Titan, Mercury, Mars, and Leviathan will head to the vault. This includes the PvE activities set there. However, things will come out of the vault such as the Vault of Glass raid beginning in Year 4.

The reason given for the removal of content is the file size of each compared with time played in each. In their blog post, they gave an example. “For example: Warmind’s campaign represents only 0.3% of all time played in Season of the Worthy and yet the Warmind Expansion accounts for 5% of our total install size.”

When the new consoles release in the fall, Destiny 2 will utilize Smart Delivery meaning you will get updated versions of all playable content and the game for free on the Xbox Series X. Included with that is the ability for cross-play across the Xbox ecosystem. This means, that if you play on the Series X and your friend is playing on the One X, you can still play together. Bungie is looking to add full cross consoles cross-play at a later date.

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