December 2020 Games with Gold

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Free game time! As with every month, loyal Xbox Live Gold members are given a handful of no-cost games to spend their time on. Let’s take a look at the December 2020 Games with Gold entries.

The Raven Remastered

Available Dec. 1 – Dec. 31 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Hunt master thief, the Raven on this 1964 London-era mystery from the creators of The Book of Unwritten Tales. Join Constable Anton Jakob Zellner as he works his way through the case of his life.

Find The Raven Remastered on the Microsoft Store.

Bleed 2

Available Dec. 16 – Jan. 15 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Join pink-haired protagonist Wryn on a side-scroller action-trope filled barrage of incoming enemies. 2-player local co-op accent a frenetically-paced and visually impressive shooter.

Find Bleed 2 on the Microsoft Store.

Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell

Available Dec. 1 – Dec. 15 on Xbox One

Maybe it isn’t as serious and gritty as GTA, but the Saint’s Row franchise has always held a special place in its for the wacky and ridiculous — especially as the series has progressed. Gat Out of Hell is absolutely no different. In the December 2020 Games with Gold lineup, play as Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington as they save the Boss from the Prince of Darkness himself.

Find Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell on the Microsoft Store.


Available Dec. 16 – Dec 31 on Xbox One

In the December 2020 Games with Gold lineup, we are treated to an adorably created world of living Russian Matryoshka dolls. Utilize the special abilities of each unique stacking doll and help save a young doll’s family from The Baron.

Find Stacking on the Microsoft Store.

Since you’ve spent a moment to take a gander out this November’s Games with Gold lineup, why don’t you come check out some of our reviews? We won’t bite.

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