Colt Canyon Review

The craziest, funniest, most frenzied and pixel indie Western arrives in 2D on Xbox One through Headup Games. I’m talking about Colt Canyon. This rogue-like will get you mad and get you to play more with your head than with your revolver. Action in the purest Western style, with a whole canyon to explore and escape from ambushes of rustlers. These undesirable killers will try by all means to make us fail in our mission. The good guys always win, don’t they?

A sunny day in the harsh desert is nothing for an experienced cowboy in Colt Canyon. But… everything is cut short by unscrupulous villains who enter our ranch and kidnap our partner. With no help other than our trusty weapon and wit, we set out down the canyon for revenge and hope. We must move stealthily between cacti, rocks and saltwort so that our enemies do not notice our presence. Everything that is necessary to reach our partner without any scratches. I’ve already told you that it will not be an easy task.

Itchy Trigger Finger

We are going to start our fast-paced feat in Colt Canyon with a short tutorial. Where it will teach us to use any weapon, since all will have the same procedure. Charge, aim and shoot again and again. Don’t think that these weapons will have infinite bullets or arrows just like dynamite sticks. We will have to find them in pots, barrels and chests that we will find in our path. “Be careful that some barrels are full of TNT and when you try to break them… they explode.” Some enemies will also leave us their ammo, even in some cases dying while leaving their weapons.

Going with just one gun is little less than a suicide. In this game where if you die you won’t only lose your life, but also the progress. That is why it is very important to change weapons until you find the one that best suits our playstyle.

With a Little Help From my Friends

We’ll be able to unlock up to 10 playable characters and not all of them will be cowboys. We also have native americans. These characters will have their own advantage within the fields of resistance, strength and arsenal. These skills are very important to reach the end of the mission and return home as a hero.

As I’ve said before in Colt Canyon, we will have to rescue some people through the different levels. Which when the time comes, will give us several bonus. From becoming trusty companions in our fight, to offering us improvements for our character. Having more health points or an ally will be a tough decision that you will have to face. Especially when you are in an ambush. Give them one of your two weapons and tell them where they should go. Between the two or three of you, eliminate all the enemies on the screen. The AI ​​in this game is quite aggressive. If you need another set of hands, you only have to enjoy it’s co-op.

Every Bullet Counts

The learning curve is well established, as it shows you simple scenarios at the beginning that become more complex. It shows that simplicity, with a good story, can attract more, if it is well implemented.

There is a very interesting touch of strategy with the topic of weapons, because, in general, this type of game features, like infinite ammo or reloading after defeating enemies, here it is a little more difficult to get them, making you have to think carefully where you are going to use them and what type of weapon you will use since, you can use both a revolver and dynamite. There is no lack of rolling to avoid enemy bullets, as well as a homegrown stealth system that will avoid excessive ammunition costs. It is not in short supply, but you never know.

Pixels Invade the Desert

The design proposed by pixel-art is just great when it is well arranged and that is the case of Colt Canyon. We can clearly differentiate where we are at all times and only managing the wide spectrum of earthy colors. Which are interrupted, by the red of the blood of our enemies and a few light strokes of green, in the options of our partner. As it could not be otherwise, the setting in this game does not only depend on its graphics. The sounds of our environment and music form a very important part of Colt Canyon, level after level.

The setting is based on the style of the spaghetti western series so the immersion is on an amazing level, this throw of the dice by the developers was a great success and the reason for the good immersion is due to its melody that, even while not playing the game, I can still remember it’s tune.

Final Thoughts

If you like rogue-like genre, do not care about 4K graphics and you are one of those that say: “last one and we are going” players (like me, the last one never arrives), Colt Canyon is your game. What I liked the most about this game was that every time I died, the map started in a different way. This situation made the game more fun. If it is true that getting life inside the barrels that we could destroy is very scarce, a little more wouldn’t hurt any of us. It’s difficulty is addictive and simple. Reloading, shooting, dodging, rolling and starting again is a real pleasure. A game to enjoy at all times while immersing yourself in the old west.

You can purchase Colt Canyon from the Microsoft store. Also be sure to check out more reviews from us at Generation Xbox.

Note: We received a review code from Headup.


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