Cloud Gaming Will be Part of Game Pass Ultimate

Recently, Microsoft announced that Cloud gaming will be part of Game Pass Ultimate. It was previously known as Project xCloud. It will be joining the service very soon on September 15th!

Android Only For Now

For now, Xbox Cloud Gaming has only been confirmed for Android, as Apple seem to have an issue with allowing the service on their devices. There’s hope that this might change in the future, but there’s no guarantee.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will allow you to play over 100 different games on your mobile device, anywhere that you have a high speed internet connection. Most games on Game Pass Ultimate will be available on the service, so you’ll be able to play your favourites on your Android devices very soon.

Touch controls for cloud gaming on game pass ultimate

Touch Controls or Controller – Your Choice

Some games will have touch controls integrated, such as Gears 5. Microsoft and their Xbox Game Studios have been working hard on creating these new input schemes specifically for xCloud. The Coalition recently showed off their control scheme designed for Gears 5 on xCloud, as seen above.

If you’d prefer to use a controller, that’s okay too! You can use any Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth whilst Cloud gaming on Game Pass Ultimate! You can also buy various peripherals to make cloud gaming on your phone even better. For example, there are clips you can use to attach your phone to your controller so you don’t have to juggle between the two.

Clip for cloud gaming on game pass ultimate

Razer have also announced a new product in collaboration with Xbox. Called the Razer Kishi, Razer says it is designed for long gaming sessions and feels natural and intuitive. It has a flexible design, allowing to to stretch and clamp on to a variety of phones with a secure hold that’ll never come loose. It seems like the ultimate device for Cloud gaming with Game Pass Ultimate. You can see the Razer Kishi below. You can find out more here.

Razer peripheral for Cloud gaming on game pass ultimate

To be able to use Cloud Gaming on Game Pass Ultimate you will need Android version 6.0 or greater. You will also need a download speed of at least 10mbps.

Will you be trying Xbox Cloud Gaming when it comes to Android devices next month? Let us know in the comments below. Want more of the latest Xbox news? Click here for the latest on the Xbox Live Service. For all your other Xbox news, make sure to stick with us at Generation Xbox.

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