Check out Red Dead Online’s New Bounty

In Red Dead Online’s latest news, we’ve discovered that the online version can be had as a stand-alone version purchase for the not so much “temporary” price of 5 bucks USD. As a result, the game got a welcoming reception from the fans.

A Cult Leader Is Your New Bounty

On December 21, Rockstar Games announced a new bounty to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. Introducing to us Virgil “The Shepherd” Edwards, a deranged leader of a cult that calls itself “The 7th Generation Cult”. They have been identified by their tendency to commit hate crimes. Followers of this cult are thirsting for blood, and as a result, be aware that you won’t finish this without a fight.

The Cult followers can be recognized by the number 7 carved upside-down into their foreheads. If you’d like to start bounty hunting “The Shepherd” himself, visit any of the local bounty boards and start tracking him down.

Bounty Hunter Bonuses In RDR Online.

Check out Red Dead Online's New Bounty.

Throughout the holidays, if you’re a bounty hunter, you will be able to earn double character XP and role XP. Taking down wicked bounties and targets will also give the same XP rewards. New unique fugitives added to the bounty hunters to hunt. To start hunting, visit any local bounty board.

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Expected from the upcoming updates

As the holidays become further closer every day, I would say that some parts of the game will be overlaid with Snow, Also some kind of double money rewards on some missions. What do you personally expect from Red Dead Online in the next updates? Let us know in our forums or on Twitter.

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