Celebrities Coming to FIFA 21: Dua Lipa and David Beckham Join Anthony Joshua

FIFA 21 looks to be bringing some interesting features to its game real soon. A new career mode update? The Journey making a return? No, we have celebrity footballers on their way.

You may have found when you were on Twitter this morning that Dua Lipa was trending. Usually singers trend when they have announced a new project or tour. So it is safe to say that seeing a screenshot of her in a football kit as a playable character in FIFA

The discovery comes following the 5th title update for FIFA on PC. Dataminers made sure to immediately scour the patch in search of unannounced features and info. It appears that their search has proved fruitful with releases of scans of celebrities in the game. These scans include the likes of Dua Lipa as mentioned but also Lewis Hamilton of Formula 1 fame. Former Manchester United and England captain David Beckham is also among the scans.

Although the models aren’t live in the game as of now it is expected that they will be available in the near future. The celebrity inclusion is strange when taken at face value. But players believe that they will be introduced to Volta mode in the game.

All-star roster

This comes since boxing world champion Anthony Joshua and Diplo have been included as playable characters prior. There appears to be more sports cross overs with Philadelphia 76ers Centre Joel Embiid joining the fray. Along with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

This is the latest of EA Sports recent indulgence in cross over potential. Madden NFL 21 featured Giannis and his brothers. And Anthony Joshua has come to FIFA and EA Sports UFC 4 in recent times along with heavyweight rival Tyson Fury making the MMA switch.

EA Sports would appear to have a plethora of different celebrities it’s willing to tap into for sporting potential. Who would you like to see make a guest appearance next? Let us know in the forums and make sure to keep up to date with everything Xbox with Generation Xbox.

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