Call of Duty Corner: Week of September 7th 2020

This week we are gearing up for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal! That happens tomorrow, September 9th at 1pm ET. We will breakdown the multiplayer reveal in more detail afterwards, but until then let’s catch up on the last week in Call of Duty news.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Over the last seven days, developer Treyarch posted a few history lessons for us. Specifically, the taught us about the history of key Black Ops characters and where they fit into the world. Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson were introduced in earlier games, and it’s nice to see some familiar faces making their return.

Four new characters were also introduced by the names of Russell Adler, Helen Park, Lazar Azoulay, and Lawrence Sims. A key CIA operative for man years, Adler appears to be the one assembling the crew for the upcoming Black Ops mission. Park, who is joining the team having worked with Adler before, may have her own self-interests in mind.

Lazar is a former Israeli intelligence agent who fought alongside CIA operatives for many years. He now joins Adler and the CIA to embark on his next mission. Sims meanwhile specializes in technology and has been a past member of Adler’s crews too.

Modern Warfare & Warzone

The Games of Summer is wrapping up and hopefully everyone got their double XP over the weekend! New this week is the “Morte Operator Bundle” which includes a new operator and two legendary weapon blueprints. Morte the operator is a sharpshooter, so naturally the blueprints are a marksman and assault rifle. Additionally, the “Devourer” bundle is dropping this week. It features a legendary semi-auto assault rifle blueprint with high powered rounds. Both bundles can be purchased on the Call of Duty store.

In Modern Warfare multiplayer, the party mode moshpit playlist is recommended for those looking to play for fun rather than wins and losses. With several non-traditional game types, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Gunfight, as well as Gunfight On-Site Procurement were added this week. The latter requires you to acquire your loadout through picking it up on the map. Both are 2v2 playlists. Shoot the Ship remains this week and Standard Ground War makes it’s return.

For Warzone, this coming weekend will bring back the popular 50v50 Warzone Rumble. Plunder Blood Money and King Slayer Trios leaves this week, while Plunder Trios is added back. Lastly, Infinity Ward noted on twitter today that vehicles are back in Warzone, after a temporary removal related to a playlist update.

Make sure to check Generation Xbox News for all the latest on Call of Duty and your favorite Xbox games! Check back tomorrow for our impressions on the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer reveal. You can also pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the Microsoft Store.

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