Call of Duty Corner: Week of September 21st 2020

Black Ops Cold War

The PS4 Alpha of Black Ops Cold War was available over the weekend, and was met with mostly good reviews. One major problem noted from participants though was the sniper rifle power. Developers were quick to come out and say they purposely buffed them to evaluate performance since there was no crossplay. The good news is it sounds like they will be balancing them out for the upcoming Beta release in October.

The other major “revelation” coming out of the Alpha is skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) persists. Players came out very vocal on twitter this weekend, bemoaning Treyarch for not removing the feature in favor of random assignment during matchmaking. Responding to the criticism, a Technology Fellow at Treyarch responded to a player on twitter that matchmaking is in fact very adjustable.

Three core multiplayer game modes and one new one were available for players to test out over the weekend. The classics Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Domination were available to play on the following maps: Miami, Moscow, and Satellite. Additionally, the new 12v12 Combined Arms: Domination was available to play on the Armada and Crossroads maps. Create-a-Class, Gunsmith, and Scorestreak customization was also availble in a limited capacity. After watching some gameplay on twitch over the weekend, it’s safe to say I’m very excited for the Xbox Beta!

Modern Warfare & Warzone

While most of the focus was on the Black Ops Cold War Alpha this weekend, Xbox players are waiting patiently. This weekend only enjoy double XP, double Weapon XP, and double Battle Pass progression.

In Modern Warfare, players will still be able to enjoy Shoot the Ship-tempber via 24/7 Shoot House and 24/7 Shipment. Two objective-based playlists are being added in Deathmatch Domination and Drop Zone mosh pit. If you are unfamiliar, in Deathmatch Domination you earn points for capturing objective and eliminating enemy players. In Drop Zone, players must hold the objective to receive care packages and killstreaks. Finally, Gunfight 3v3 Snipers also makes a return this week, favoring those who like a slow and methodical pace.

In Warzone, Mini Royale Trios makes a return this week. Other Warzone playlists available throughout the week include Battle Royale Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads and Plunder Quads. 

The ‘Beyond the Pale’ bundle drops this week, and includes two legendary blueprints (Spanish Moss and Old Road), a skin, watch, calling card, emblem, spray, quip, weapon charm, and gesture. The ‘Notice Me: IV’ bundle also drops, and includes the Showcase Sniper Rifle blueprint.

Did you watch or play any of the Black Ops Cold War Alpha over the weekend? Let us know what you thought over on the forums! Also did you hear the news about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda!?


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