Call of Duty Corner: Veterans Day Edition

Before jumping into anything today, I just wanted to pass along a sincere thank you to all the men and women serving in our military today. And to also thank those who are no longer with us. Without them, life could be drastically different for us. But also, games like the upcoming Black Ops Cold War are a representation of their sacrifice.

We are only two days away from the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War! So that means all sorts of information is dropping. And Call of Duty players across the board are eager to start playing. Whether you only play Warzone or the whole multiplayer package, all players will be taken care of in the next generation of Call of Duty.

Warzone Integration

Without a doubt, Warzone is one of the most popular game modes that the Call of Duty franchise has ever implemented. With Verdansk being set in the Modern Warfare world, many wonder how that will transfer to Black Ops. Activision released quite a bit of information this week. This includes details on player progression, weapon progression, operator selection, battle pass integration, and store access.

Player Progression & Cross Play

Black Ops Cold War is launching this Friday with an updated player progression system. Players will be able to work up through traditional military ranks until they reach the season leveling system (after rank 55). Season 1 then begins on December 10th, at which point season leveling synchronizes across all games. That means your progress in Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops Cold War will be the same, and playing into Season 1 continues to share across titles. All multiplayer modes share this progression system, including the fan-favorite zombies!

A player reset at the beginning of Season 1 will occur for all players. Your Modern Warfare and Warzone rank will then match Black Ops Cold War. But all unlocked weapons and other goodies will still be available to players.

Officer progression is now known as ‘season levels’ in the combined progression system. Leveling in Black Ops Cold WarWarzone, or Modern Warfare all count toward your season leveling and prestige level. While some content within the season levels requires purchase, a lot of it is free or available to earn.

Finally, as noted previously, this will be the first Call of Duty title that is cross-play/cross-gen enabled. That means no matter what platform you are on, and whether or not you bought the newest console releasing this week, you can still play with friends. This is a huge win for not only Call of Duty, but also online gaming as a whole.

Weapon Progression & Operator Selection

Warzone is going to have so many weapon options! Those unlocked in both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will be available in Warzone. This includes every blueprint variant as well! Weapons leveling is available in either Warzone or the respective weapons’ game. But on that note, you will not be able to use weapons interchangeably between Black Ops and Modern Warfare. Weapons will have their respective game logo stamped on each gun in the menus or gunsmith.

Similar to weapons, any operators you’ve unlocked are available in Warzone. Likewise, operators cannot transfer between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. All unlocked operators will be available beginning this Friday.

Battle Pass and Store Integration

For fans of the Battle Pass system, don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun new stuff for you as well. The Battle Pass system integrates across all three games, with unlockable content throughout. Black Ops Cold War and Warzone specifically will share post-launch content. And new content in Modern Warfare will be available in Warzone for an undetermined amount of time. The big thing to know is Battle Pass content can be unlocked and progressed by playing any of the three games.

The store integration is a bit choppier, with three unique stores still present throughout the games. All stores will clearly mark what game the content is available in. But a general rule of thumb (as with weapons): content is available in originating games and sometimes Warzone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches Friday November 13th. Pre-order here to download ahead of launch! Alternatively, you can download Warzone for free here. Be sure to check out other content on Generation Xbox while you’re here! We have weekly pieces on Destiny and GTA Online.

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