Call of Duty Corner: Modern Warfare Season 6

It’s a big week for Call of Duty news and we have it all for you! Modern Warfare Season 6 is the big news of the week, which goes live Tuesday September 29th. This new update includes the addition of a subway system and a new game mode for Warzone, four new maps for Modern Warfare multiplayer modes, and several new trials. Additionally, the Season 6 Battle Pass is available with plenty of free goodies.

Warzone Updates

Yes, with just a little over a month until Black Ops Cold War launches on all current and next-gen consoles, Infinity Ward is making one last push to keep players entertained in that downtime. With Season 6 available today, we will focus this article on MW and Warzone.

Perhaps the biggest update in Modern Warfare Season 6 is the new underground subway system. Based on the story background, it was discovered as a secret transportation system for the Al-Qatala to move about undetected. This new subway system is available in Warzone for players to fast-travel across Verdansk. These “metro stations” can be accessed via staircases and are spread across the map at many noteable areas. The subway will not depart if their is fighting onboard but the station itself is fair game. Expect item spawns in the stations too, so watch your back if heading underground.

Also new to Warzone is the ‘Armored Royale’ mode. This limited-time Battle Royale alternative gives each team an armored cargo truck with a turret and armor plating for the players. Keeping your truck in operable condition will be key, as respawns are allowed if the truck is mobile. The last team standing wins, regardless of truck condition, but it will surely help to protect it throughout.

Finally, new weapons are also dropping in Verdansk with Season 6. Some favorites will return, but the total of each category include: six Common, 10 Uncommon, 13 Rare, 18 Epic and 24 Legendary weapons. Take a look at the full roadmap for Season 6 below.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Updates

Speaking of the roadmap, there are several updates to the Modern Warfare multiplayer too. The biggest of them is the announcement of four new maps to play on. For core game modes, the maps Broadcast and Mialstor Tank Factory have been added. Outside of the core game modes, Station was added for Gunfight mode and Verdansk Riverside is available in Ground War.

Four New Maps!

The new map Broadcast will be familiar to Call of Duty players from many generations. Taking place in the BCH TV station, this large map offers plenty of areas for gunfighting. Given it’s location inside a building, expect for a lot of close-quarter combat and narrow hallways. This map is available in all 6v6 core game modes.

modern warfare season 6

Mialstor Tank Factory meanwhile is a bit larger, hosting up to 10v10 game modes. With both indoor and outdoor settings, this map will cater to most play styles. The two buildings on this map, the tank factory and warehouse, are likely to be the epicenter of the action. But don’t sleep on the snipers from the roof outside, as there is plenty of room to spread out.

For fans of Gunfight, Station was added in Season 6 as a map centered around a train station. Fight indoors and out, while taking advantage of abandoned train cars for cover. It’s noted that these train cars can be ascended onto, so make sure you watch the sky!

Finally, Verdansk Riverside is the latest entry for Ground War games. Warzone players may be familiar with the area, which is a small town outside the Verdansk airport. The area includes several houses, a school, and a building under construction for players to fight through.

New Game Modes & Trials

Several new game modes were added in Modern Warfare Season 6, the first of which is Killstreak Confirmed. In this Kill Confirmed variant, killstreaks can only be earned by collecting fallen enemy dog tags. The objective is to collect the target number of tags, but a key wrinkle is that killstreaks do not reset on your death.

Gun Game TDM is a combination of Gun Game and Team Deathmatch. You can pick your loadout only for equipment and perks, but are forced to play with whatever weapons the game gives you. The objective here is simple: be on the team to reach target kills first.

A third new game mode is Headquarters: Firefight. Defend the objective and rack up kills to reach the target score first. Respawns are disabled for the capturing team once the objective is captured. Similarly, Hardpoint: Hills and Kills is an objective-based game where time on the objective and kills both matter, but respawns are always enabled.

Lastly, there are nine new trials off the beaten path for players to explore. With everything from a helicopter race to a new Juggernaut challenge, there’s certainly something for everyone. You can earn trial tickets by ranking up in season 6 or using previous season trial tickets for XP.

Modern Warfare Season 6: Battle Pass

modern warfare season 6 battle pass

While mostly cosmetic updates here, there are a few nice items in the Season 6 Battle Pass. First, there are 20 tiers of free content for both Modern Warfare and Warzone players. The ‘SP-R208 marksman rifle’ (Tier 15) and the ‘AS-VAL assault rifle’ (Tier 31) are available for free through progression. If you are considering purchasing the Season 6 Battle Pass, you can unlock 1300 COD points, two new Operators, Double XP, over a dozen additional weapon blueprints, and plenty of cosmetic upgrades for your operators and vehicles.

All in, the total file size for the Season 6 update is 22.66 GB. According to Activision, “owners of the full version of Modern Warfare will also have to download the Compatibility Pack to access Multiplayer and Special Ops, and the Survival Pack to access Survival.” This additional pack will be 8GB.

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