Call of Duty Corner: Black Ops Cold War Beta

The last few weeks have been a bear for Call of Duty players on the Xbox. PS4 owners had access to the Black Ops Cold War Beta multiple weekends recently, but now Xbox owners are getting their opportunity. Tomorrow, October 15th at 1pm ET, the Beta early access opens for those who pre-ordered on the Xbox One! PC early access is also available for those who pre-purchased on Blizzard

Running tomorrow through Monday October 19th, this final weekend of open Beta will be crossplay enabled between all platforms. For those who did not pre-order, they will access starting the 17th. On top of crossplay, the progression system is also available. Any players who reach at least level 10 will earn the “Mutual Animosity” weapon blueprint for Day 1 launch of Black Ops Cold War.

Have you pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War yet? If not, you can get the standard edition here to obtain the early access beginning October 15th at 1pm ET. Also make sure you pre-load the Black Ops Cold War Beta, which was available beginning yesterday, October 13. Not sure which version of BOCW to pre-order? Check out this Activision Blog detailing all the differences.

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