Building Your Own PC: Why You Should Make the Jump to PC Gaming

If you’re anything like me, the concept of PC gaming has always been an interest to you. However, a few things might have been stopping you. Namely the price of a gaming computer, whether or not to build one from scratch, and the availability of games on PC. Now, before we get into the meat of this article, I am in no way saying to leave the Xbox (or PlayStation) community you are a part of. I am an Xbox guy for life and that will never change. Why not have your cake and eat it too! Just don’t go spilling that cake on your brand-new PC.

First and foremost (and this holds true for me), one thing that has held most people back from switching is the price of a gaming computer. Price has always been an intimidating thing when considering the switch to PC gaming. But worry not, there are options for you! Whether you’re a gamer on a budget, or if you’re rolling in the dough, you have your choices of some pretty good gaming rigs.

On the lower end, you can find a computer like the HP Pavilion Nvidia GTX 1650 Gaming PC for about $650 right now that can run pretty much most games. On the higher end, you can find a computer like the Digital Storm Lumos Gaming PC for about $1,439 that can handle the high-end games, streaming, overclocking, and just about everything you may need while gaming.

Some benefits of these pre-built PC’s are that you don’t have to worry about building it yourself, the lights and professional wire management will have your setup looking AMAZING, warranty (enough said), and if you don’t like to wait, it’s ready to go right when you get it. But if you like a challenge, building your own gaming PC is definitely that – especially if you had to convince your wife to let you build one first.

Now, after doing all of this research on the price of gaming PC’s, you may start to consider building your own, and why wouldn’t you? It’s an incredibly fun challenge to conquer, you get to pick your own parts for your build (which can save you money), and you’ll truly understand what’s “under the hood” once you’re done with the build.

The site you’ll want to use to help figure out your build is pcpartpicker. This site not only helps you pick parts for your build, but it also tells you if all the parts you have selected are compatible or not, and it will give you prices and links to sites that sell each piece. For all you beginners (or even experts), this is the go-to site for all of your PC building needs.

Now that you’ve looked at building or buying your PC, you’ll be hit with the same question that I was hit with: “How do I even access or play games on my PC?” After years of buying games for your mainstream console platforms, you may not know where to begin on your new PC.

Fret not though! You have so many different routes to go when PC gaming. There are many PC gaming clients that you can access your games on such as Steam, GOG Galaxy, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, and Xbox. Each of these gaming clients offer a different variety of games that will make sure you don’t miss out any of your games you’d be playing on your console.

Have you built your own PC, and should you make the jump to PC gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more stories like this, and much more visit Generation Xbox.

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