Breaking: Xbox Series X/S Finally Has a Launch Date

[This article has been updated to provide additional details regarding system spec differences and Game Pass specifics]

It’s finally unveiled, ladies and gentleman. The launch date of the Xbox Series X/S has finally been revealed, and we won’t have to wait much longer. It launches on November 10th, 2020, with the Series S priced at $299 and the Series X price at $499. Pre-orders for both begin on September 22nd, 2020

It’s about time we get the release date for the console and as of right now, it’s the first 9th-gen console releasing. What’s honestly surprising is the price of the Xbox Series S. Despite it being a digital only version, $299 for a new console is a very good price.

The Price of the Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Series X was announced at $499, but let’s break down why. The full specs are listed below, but a few key reasons for the extra $200 are 4K performance capability, double the storage space (1TB vs 512 GB in the Series S), and a physical disc drive. It’s a bit disappointing to know that the Xbox Series X is $200 more expensive, but it delivers quite a bit for that extra money.

As stated before, the Series S is $299, which is surprisingly cheap for a new generation console. It is an all digital version with less storage and performance capability, but an incredible price. Whichever version you buy of the console, you get the games on Game Pass for free with monthly subscription. Additionally, Xbox All Access was expanded to include the Series X/S, so you don’t need the full amount up front; simply pay $24.99/mo (Series S) or $34.99/mo (Series X) to get the console and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate. We can all agree that Game Pass is one of the smartest moves Microsoft has made this generation. But the fact that you can get Game Pass at launch with a new console at $299 is staggering honestly. And speaking of Game Pass…

EA Play Merging With Game Pass

Here’s a bonus piece of news. Yeah, we know. EA isn’t the best name to throw around. But it was announced that EA Play is merging with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This gives even more value to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers at no additional cost.

While this is certainly more of a subjective improvement since many gamers have differing opinions of EA, this is a boost for Game Pass Ultimate overall. It enhances the value for fans of EA’s games and those curious to try out some of their better titles. It’s a good thing all-around for the Xbox brand.

Overall, It’s About Time

Finally knowing when the Series X/S is going to be released is awesome, and at a decent price no less. All we have do now is wait. There is an article here about the elaborates on the price of Series S further so give it a read if you can. Here’s also the trailer for the Series S if you missed it.

You can pre-order both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S starting September 22nd 2020. Check back to the Xbox consoles page for more information as the date approaches.

What do you guys think? Is it a good release date? Is it priced well? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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