Bonkies Review: Puzzling Monkeys in Space

Bonkies is one of the best puzzle games out there. It’s a charming, fun and frustrating experience all at the same time. Whether you accidently face-plant into a block of ice and smash it to pieces, or drop a crucial element of the construction with just seconds to spare, joy and frustration will course through your veins in equal measure. Here’s our Bonkies review!


You become instantly addicted to the game at the start whilst spending hours on the training levels trying to win (although I faced defeat quite a bit). The saying “When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” passed through my mind and so I did, over and over again. After the annoyance that is “TIMES UP” appears on your screen a few times, you’ll be left on the verge of tears.

As you load into the next level, you feel the controller radiate through your body like a beacon of hope. You’re hyped. Ready for whatever challenges the game will throw at you. Bonkies excels on that front – it is so frustrating and will knock you down so many times, yet it is also exhilarating. Each level is a quick, snack-sized puzzle rush. The failures are hard, but it’s quick and fun enough that I was eager to keep jumping back in.

The quirky physics add an extra layer to each puzzle. Not only do you have to place the pieces in the correct position, but you also have to manage moving around the environment with those big pieces. As everything is a little bit floaty, it makes big structures challenging to build. As more blocks come into play, flying around with your jetpack (which is how the monkeys move… it is as brilliant as it sounds) becomes increasingly more difficult.

The chaos that some of the harder challenges create is only heightened by the ticking clock. As your pieces float around and the timer inches closer to it’s soul-crushing end, you’ll race around in panic. Pieces start to fly everywhere whilst you scramble to quickly rearrange the blocks. “1 Minute Remaining” flashes on screen. You’re frantically darting around the map, trying to put together some sort of winning monument. “15 Seconds Remaining”. You grab the last piece of the puzzle. You fly towards the structure you’ve built. In those final seconds, you’ll either experience pure joy when you win, or you’ll hang your head in shame. Either way, every puzzle is a frantically fun challenge and you’ll be keen to jump back in.

Visuals and Sound

The graphics in this game are gorgeous. The cartoon-style and 3D characters create a brilliant atmosphere. Although the building blocks look quite dull, the game makes up for it with the vibrant arena that surrounds the levels. Each background is really creative, the scenes depicted both endearing and entertaining. Small animated characters look upon you during your monkey-jetpack training, whilst various landscapes fill the background, littered with different bits of cool sci-fi tech.

The audio is equally great, much to my surprise. Although Bonkies has a looping soundtrack, much like Johnny Rocket, in this game it is rather enjoyable. The chilled music layer provides an element of relaxation to the game, which over time I came to… really appreciate. I’d probably be one controller down without that charming bop in the background.

Final Words

I’ve spent a good few days with Bonkies whilst working on this review and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s a great game to enjoy in co-op with your family or your friends, once we can get out and see them again. Working together to achieve high scores is fun, but of course someone will be a dastardly monkey-saboteur. Whether you are a functional team or all just trying to create chaos for each other, flying around as a monkey in space is too much fun.


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