Biomutant Class Guide – Which Class Should You Pick?

Biomutant is an action-RPG that allows you to take control of a small mammal on a kung-fu inspired journey. As is the case with most action-RPGs, there are various classes that you can choose from in Biomutant to create your own unique experience. This Biomutant starting class guide will cover everything that you need to know about each class in Biomutant, and help you decide which class is best for you.

Biomutant Class Guide

Biomutant hero box art

There are six classes in Biomutant, each of them offering a very different playstyle. Five of the classes are available in the base game, whilst the sixth class – known as the Mercenary – is locked behind a preorder DLC. If this is available after launch as a separate purchase, we will update this post.

Classes do not impact your attribute point distribution, but these two aspects of your character are certainly linked. Your attributes determine your stats, which are then used by the class you choose. For example, if you decide to have high Intellect when making your character, you should choose the Psi-Freak class, as its abilities and attacks benefit most from the Intellect Attribute. This is because the Psi-Freak needs high Power, Ki Energy, and Energy Regen stats. You will find a bit of information about each class below.

Dead-Eye Class

Dead Eye Class Starting Guide Biomutant

The Dead-Eye class is suited for those who want to focus on ranged combat. It has an increase to Critical Chance, meaning that you are more likely to deal some bonus damage with each hit. The ability for Dead-Eye is Perfect Reload, which you can use to reload instantly and deal 20% more damage with your next magazine.

Commando Class

Commando Class starting guide Biomutant

The Commando Class is also a ranged class in Biomutant, but it has a lower Critical Chance than the Dead-Eye class. However, its ability, Fury, makes all ranged weapon attacks inflict 10% more damage to the target when active. This is less of a boost than Perfect Reload, but could potentially last longer, as it doesn’t only affect your next magazine.

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Psi-Freak Class

Biomutant psi freak

Psi-Freak is the mage class in Biomutant. It uses magic spells to affect enemies. It has two abilities: Spark Ball and Megamind. Spark Ball is a ball of lightning that you can use to damage your opponents. You will use Ki Energy to cast this spell. The Megamind ability allows you to increase your Ki Energy Regen by 20%, so you can use Spark Ball more often. Psi-Freak also gets an increase to Critical Chance, just like the Dead-Eye class.

Saboteur Class

Biomutant hero flying - saboteur class guide

The Saboteur is the first of the melee classes in Biomutant. It has two abilities: Twin Silver Grip and Hypergenetic. Twin Silver Grip is especially important to this class, as it allows you to dual wield one-handed melee weapons from the beginning. Other classes can dual wield too, but it is not unlocked until later in the game. Hypergenetic reduces the dodge energy cost by 20%, allowing the Saboteur to be faster and more nimble than other classes whilst in combat. Like the Commando Class, it has a lower Critical Chance stat.

Sentinel Class

Biomutant hero press kit image - sentinel class guide

The Sentinel class in Biomutant starts with a two-handed melee weapon, and it has a crucial ability that make it tankier than other choices. Sentinels have the Toughness ability, which give you an increase of 10 to armor. This is extremely useful early in Biomutant, as you can withstand more damage from enemies. The Sentinel also has a higher Critical Chance stat, so each attack is more likely to do bonus damage.

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Mercenary Class


In Biomutant, Mercenary is another melee-focused class, but it is only available as a preorder bonus. It has two abilities: Twin Silver Grip and Fury. Twin Silver Grip is exactly the same as the Saboteur’s ability, meaning that the Mercenary can also dual wield weapons. The Mercenary’s Fury ability increases melee damage by 10%, so this boost is similar to the Commando’s Fury, but focused on melee instead of ranged combat.

All of the classes can unlock other perks and abilities as you level up, but the information above will give you a good idea of which class you want to pick. Generally, Saboteur and Mercenary are good at melee combat, whilst Dead-Eye and Commando focus on ranged attacks. Psi-Freak is a mage that uses spells to attack opponents. Sentinel is a jack of all trades that could adapt to fit any playstyle, but it specializes in none at the beginning.

Biomutant Class Guide – Which Class Is Best For You?

Which class you pick all comes down to which attack style you prefer. If you want to be getting close to your enemies, then go for a melee class. If you prefer to run and gun, opt for the Dead-Eye or Commando Class. Psi-Freak offers a very unique playstyle thanks to its focus on spells, so this is a great class if you want something different and unique.

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