Best Platform/Puzzle Indie Games Right Now

There are many video games of the platforming and puzzle genre. In the indie field, developers have turned to these genres to catch us with very interesting proposals. These genres aren’t lavished too much on the universe of big blockbusters. These indie developers have found an interesting form of expression in them. In recent times we have been nourished with releases such as The Witness, Celeste, Human: Fall Flat or Unravel 2. Titles with great personality and the ability to surprise players.

Monday we looked at the best action and adventure indie games. Today we are going to take a look at the best platforming and puzzle games.



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The name Celeste arises from one of the most fearsome mountains on earth, and one that the protagonist Madeline is ready to climb to the top. This is a platform game that may sound overwhelming, but it’s a bit of a story point. The young woman is on a self-improvement mission, battling her own anxiety and fear as she jumps, dodges, and climbs each level.

The curious thing about the game, beyond its clear difficulty, is both the design of the levels and the controls are perfectly carried out. Every time we lose we will know why it was, and at all times it’s our fault. Maybe it’s because of jumping before or not having had a correct distance, but in just seconds we’ll be back. Reaching the top of Celeste is a challenge for Madeline and also for the player. The perfection of it’s controls and the assisted mode it offers (optional), will prevent you from getting frustrated.

It is a very personal and unique experience, touching on topics such as panic attacks and internal fears, but at the same time very careful and entertaining to play.


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Like Limbo, Inside creates an environment that is chilling and hypnotic. Play once to marvel at the clever puzzles, but play again to notice all the details of the story you missed the first time.

Inside and Limbo have a different atmosphere. I truly believe that Inside makes better use of it, while telling it’s unique and disturbing story.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two is more than a continuation, it’s a platform adventure at the service of it’s new theme. As opposed to restoring the old ties of our memories, through Yarny, we would explore the feelings that emerge when establishing new links.

Of course, on paper, this is a slightly ambiguous purpose. But it makes a lot of sense when that idea also works as a premise for the playable novelty. In Unravel Two we’ll discover and solve new scenarios elaborated with the same care as the original delivery, but this time we’ll do it through two Yarnys. And the best thing is that we can offer one of them to a second player.



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At first glance, the colorful island filled with random statues and bizarre oddities seems like a very strange setting for a game that consists entirely of line puzzles, but when you start to move from one puzzle to another, you’ll start to appreciate it’s surroundings.

Each adventure teaches you a valuable lesson and when the environment comes into play to solve the puzzles, the great experience only increases. The game tests your mental stamina and will often persuade you to pull out a pencil and paper while searching for the right solution. It’s rare for a game to inspire so much dedication. The Witness inspires and will force you to keep learning, every step of the way.

Human: Fall Flat

For those who don’t know it, Human: Fall Flat is a title in which you’ll have to handle a character named Bob that you can customize with certain clothes and accessories. There are some peculiar mechanics based on physics with which you’ll have to solve puzzles. Our objective is reaching the exit of each level, although for this you’ll have to think a lot.

The puzzles you face with your squishy little human-shaped avatar are pretty simple at first. We begin using LT and RT to pick up objects with each arm respectively, place them in boxes, or get them out of the way, but things get complicated quickly. . Soon, you’ll have to swing on ropes or throw things out the window to get where you need to be. At the same time, the challenge is also finding out what you need to do. By balancing the ineptitude of your flexible character with the question of what you need to do to move forward. Human: Fall Flat offers smart puzzles that keep us stumbling for a long time.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

They lost their mother in a tragic accident, and now their father is on the brink of death due to a rare disease. This disease is uniquely treatable with the legendary Water of Life, which is lost in the end of the world. This is how dark paints the future for the two brothers who star in this puzzle, which captivates the player. And not only for it’s playable mechanics or the eye-catching audiovisuals.

If Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has conquered me for something, it’s for it’s inspiring narrative and beautiful plot. Which strikes directly at the heart in the form of a magical fairy tale. A tale that I already guarantee won’t leave anyone feeling indifferent. This original adventure, has within it that something special that we only find in the biggest in the industry.

Once again, most of these titles are available to play for free on Game Pass which you can sign up for here. Stay tuned to Generation Xbox for the next entry where we take a look at the best RPG and Rhythm games.

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