Best Games to Play with Your Partner on Xbox

Some couples love to wrap up and get cosy on the sofa with some cheesy rom-coms. Some want nothing more than to have a delicious meal. Valentine’s Day is about embracing the one you love, so why not give games their fair share of the spotlight? We all love games, don’t we? Whether you want a relaxed platformer to introduce your partner to the gaming world, or you are both itching for a challenge, here are the best games to play with your partner on Xbox consoles! Bonus: They’re all on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!


In lieu of a romantic movie, why not enjoy a romance sci-fi RPG? This game follows Yu and Kay, a couple on the run from their mysterious former home. The two must travel across islands to find the parts they need to escape, using their strong relationship as their main weapon. Alright, they have some pretty cool combat abilities too, but the story really does focus around their relationship. Marry the deeply engaging story with the gorgeous cel-shaded art style and Haven is sure to capture your heart this Valentine’s Day.

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Tetris Effect: Connected

With a variety of exhilarating modes on offer, Tetris Effect: Connected pushes the classic game to new heights. This might be a great game to play if your partner doesn’t really enjoy video games. Everyone has heard of, and probably played, the original. That means everyone can get involved and have fun, without worrying about how to play or trying to understand rules. It’s simple puzzling fun with an excellent co-op twist!

You can buy Tetris Effect: Connected here.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons launched just under a year ago and I absolutely adored my time with it in co-op. The story isn’t too long, but there’s a lot of replayability on offer so you might find yourselves coming back for more. If you’re a fan of action-RPGs like Diablo and want to introduce the genre to your significant other, there couldn’t be a better option. Minecraft Dungeons retains the awesome gameplay you’d expect from the genre, with cool abilities, huge mobs and lots of cool gear to grind. It just does it with that classic Minecraft aesthetic that everybody loves.

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You can buy Minecraft Dungeons here.

Unravel 2

Unravel stunned players everywhere when it launched to critical acclaim in 2016. The sequel delivered another impactful blow, showcasing excellent platforming gameplay set against a jaw-dropping background. However, it also expanded upon the puzzle elements of the first game. There is more focus on challenging the player, whilst ensuring that you are never completely lost for an answer. Co-op multiplayer is the cherry on top of this excellent sequel.

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You can buy Unravel 2 here.


An ode to Saturday morning cartoons, Battletoads instantly won me and my partner over when it launched last year. It’s colourful, crazy and packed full of nostalgic charm. Creativity oozes from every level, so you’ll never know what to expect next. It’s a wild hoverbike ride that you won’t be able to put down, even though it can be brutally challenging at times. Platforming, twin-stick shooters and split-second reflexes are blended in a truly fantastic cocktail that will leave you and your partner hashtagging Season2when all over Twitter.

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You can buy Battletoads here.

Man of Medan

Cheesy horror is a Valentine’s Day mainstay for many, and Man of Medan is the perfect way to continue that tradition. Jump scares and tough decisions await in the murky depths, as the protagonists hunt for a lost World War Two plane. This game will have you passing the controller, as you only control one character at a time. For the partner on the side-lines, watching is just as fun! The cast is fantastic, so Man of Medan will hook you just like any cheesy Netflix horror.

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You can buy Man of Medan here.

Human Fall Flat

Since it released in 2016, Human Fall Flat has cemented itself as the pinnacle of silly, physics-based mayhem. If you want to watch a pudgy little human fail repeatedly at puzzles for a few hours, this is your game. If you want to do it on Valentine’s Day and laugh at two pudgy little humans, we really can’t blame you. It’s crazy, stupid fun involving some good, but never-too-challenging, puzzles. Finding the solution isn’t too challenging, at least. Executing it with the purposefully difficult controls might prove a nuisance (but you’ll be giggling the entire time).

You can buy Human Fall Flat here.

Moving Out

Frantically shoving a sofa in a moving van might not be your idea of a Valentine’s Day date. How about chasing pigs around a farm? No again? Throw in some silly physics-based gameplay and an ever-ticking timer and suddenly you have the excellent Moving Out. Although the early levels might seem simple, things quickly grow more elaborate and manic. Your communication skills will certainly be put to the test, but overcoming the many challenges will only make you stronger.

You can buy Moving Out here.

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