Best Action/Adventure Indie Games Right Now

If you are a lover of AAA video games, you might have noticed that very similar titles have been released in recent times and quite lacking in creativity. But on the other hand, indie games, created by indie developers without the backing of a major corporate publisher, have lately been more resourceful and of high quality, despite their low budget. So I think it’s fair to make a list of the best indie games that deserve to be recognized.

Today we are going to look at the best Action and Adventure indie games. Up next will be Puzzle/Platform indies. And finally we will take a look at the best RPG and Rhythm indies.


My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro provides a ridiculous mix of platforms, puzzle-solving and shooting doesn’t exactly fit any particular genre. It’s weird and surreal narration makes it even more unique. Led by a talking banana, it gives you pistols and a large amount of ammo to complete your thirst for justice.

However, enemies aren’t easy, they can eliminate you in just a few seconds with their own weapons. To counter this, you have a time slowing ability that allows you to perform acrobatic kills like it’s Matrix.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells divides it’s 2D levels into zones much like a Metroid or Castlevania game. Although the combat requires precision and forces you to adapt.

In this game you collect blueprints, upgrades, weapons, and items from enemies throughout the game. All these you can give to the collector (a strange old man) for safe keeping. The essence of Dead Cells progression system takes you through levels and delivery of useful items to the collector before he dies.

Your upgrades and available elements will also make each run unique, as they will have more tools at your disposal. Entertaining combat and an addictive loot system make Dead Cells one of the best Metroidvania/ roguelike games in years.

Hyper Light Drifter

The first emotion that one probably will feel in Hyper Light Drifter is restlessness. Following a brief wordless, nightmarish scene, the game leaves players in a ruined world with nothing more than a sword and their wits to survive.

The world of Hyper Light Drifter is beautiful, painted in neon tones and augmented by a melancholic soundtrack. Behind that beauty lies the danger.

The game is very difficult, launching hordes of enemies at the players, who must use the time to dodge attacks and counterattack.


Cuphead is one of the most visually appealing games. StudioMDHR’s long-awaited debut just seems like a dream in motion. Cuphead and his brother Mugman enter into a dubious deal with the Devil and end up fighting across Inkwell Island for their souls.

Cuphead is not for the faint of heart. Each of the game bosses tests your skills. In addition, Cuphead also has Run ‘n Gun stages, each of which is more difficult than the last.

Cuphead‘s challenging gameplay is rewarding, but it’s visual and audio design steals the show.

Enter The Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is similar to The Binding of Isaac, but with a much faster pace. You choose from one of four characters to go through a dizzying number of dungeon rooms. You have to deal with shooting and dodging quickly as dodging mechanics are an integral part of the game.

In this case, the challenge comes from the fact that the locations of the room, the treasure and the enemies change every time you start again. With over 300 unique weapons and items to discover and four unique adventurers to play. Enter the Gungeon is a game you’ll want to keep playing even after you’ve seen the credits. You can play co-op with a friend, which doesn’t necessarily make the game easier, but it increases it’s wonderful chaos.


Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

The continuation of the Ori saga is a masterpiece with an intensely emotional story that supports it. Gorgeous graphics and heartbreaking soundscapes come together to advance this story of family, friendship, and destiny.

The love and care that has been poured into Ori and the Will of the Wisps makes it a pleasure to play. Hand-painted backdrops, vibrant character design, and a specially composed score separately. The rhythm and elements of the game stand out on their own. Boss fights have been crafted to perfection and the improved combat system makes it an accessible adventure. The flaws in the original game have been corrected and developed in new ways to portray Ori’s complex Metroidvania-style universe.


Tacoma brings narrative prowess from study to space for a science fiction adventure. While Gone Home was simply an excellent character study, Tacoma builds an entire galaxy in a brilliant world-building exhibit.

In 2088, you play as Amy Ferrier, a contractor tasked with finding out what happened at the Tacoma station. Where the six contractors who, until recently, lived and worked on the ship are located.

The players reconstruct, in this case, the story of the days before Amy’s arrival. With a great beat and plenty of secrets to uncover. Tacoma will keep you glued to your seat through its striking and illuminating conclusion.

Night In The Woods

Returning to your hometown does not always turn out as you expect. In Night in the Woods, anthropomorphic cat Mae drops out of college and returns to Possum Springs. Mae gradually begins to see that the city and it’s people, have a dark past and are full of mysteries.

Night in the Woods could be compared to visual novels and exploration games. With an emphasis on the stories we tell. The first game from studio Finji ends by telling one of the deepest video game stories I’ve played in years.

Night in the Woods asks players to make choices that will affect the way Mae views events in Possum Springs. Accomplish the task of making you feel sad and laugh at the same time.


Adventures full of stories and tales are very popular these days, although I must admit that they have also received hundreds of criticisms. However, Oxenfree could be considered the best game of this kind of flashy genre, at least so far.

In this game Alex and his friends meet on an island and begin to experience supernatural events. But instead of running away, they stay to try to discover the secrets of the island.

Here you will find a style of 2.5D art very different from that offered by Oxenfree and an appearance that separates it from others in the genre, and that undoubtedly make it a fascinating story.

With beautifully crafted scenes, introspective dialogue, and a choice-based system. Oxenfree is an exciting story that will keep you focused and interested until the end.

And probably, just like me, you are so excited, that you will want to replay it again to choose different plays and thus be able to change until the end of the story.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Mental illness is often used as a storytelling device to prop up a villain bigger than life itself, as psychological conditions can also affect heroes. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice tackles this problem head on and offers a deeply disturbing and emotionally emotional story. The game also ridicules the stereotype that the visual quality of indie games is below average. It’s some of the best animation I’ve ever seen in a game.

But Ninja Theory didn’t forget what made its previous games so irresistible: the addictive third-person combat. Although reduced compared to Devil May Cry 5 or Enslaved, the swordplay in Hellblade is still quite satisfying. The threat of having to restart the entire game if you die is enough to make you sweat.

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