Banjo-Kazooie Amiibo Releasing in 2021

Banjo-Kazooie Amiibo

In a video released by Nintendo today they announced a Banjo & Kazooie Amiibo, releasing next year. Nintendo released Banjo & Kazooie as characters for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in September 2019. Banjo-Kazooie released alongside the Spiral Mountain stage and music from the series, with remastered tracks by series veteran Grant Kirkhope.

Lead director for the Smash Bros. franchise Masahiro Sakurai presented the prototype for the new Amiibo near the end of the video. He mentioned how amazing it is that Nintendo is creating an official Amiibo for Banjo-Kazooie. This comes many years after Microsoft’s acquisition of Rare (and subsequently the Banjo-Kazooie franchise) from Nintendo.

Release Date

There’s no set date for the release of the Banjo-Kazooie Amiibo. However, Sakurai said it will come in 2021, urging fans to “be patient.” He also said that Minecraft Steve, who will also join the game, may be getting one in the future. Despite this tease, he was not able to say more. However, he did mention that a Steve Amiibo would be easier to make for obvious reasons!


Nintendo recently announced that Steve from Minecraft is joining Smash Bros Ultimate as a fighter. There will also be Minecraft focused Mii Fighter skins like the Creeper, Pig, and Diamond armor. It’s clear that Microsoft and Nintendo have a strong working relationship as of late. What this relationship may yield in the future is anyone’s guess. For example, maybe one day we could see Master Chief show up in the Nintendo brawler!

For a timestamp of the Banjo-Kazooie Amiibo reveal click here! What do you think of the reveal of this Banjo-Kazooie Amiibo? Do you think it could lead to future collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo? Let us know over on the forums or our social media! Whilst you’re here, check out some other articles by our team:

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