Avengers War Table Reactions

After a long wait, we finally got plenty more details on Marvel’s The Avengers with The Avenger’s War Table stream.

The stream gave out plenty of footage from the game, including multiple trailers showcasing the story and it’s co-op.

We’ve got a lot to discuss so sit back and let’s go through what the stream provided:


With what the trailers showed, M.O.D.O.K. seems to be the villain head-honcho The Avengers will take on. A.I.M was shown to be the main antagonistic force since the beginning, which makes M.O.D.O.K.’s involvement expected, but welcome. He hasn’t been a primary antagonist in much, so it’s cool to see an underutilized one making his mark.

The trailers reinforce a lot on Kamala Khan as the center of attention, being the one to unite the Avengers after what happened at A-Day. The story does seem to paint a bit of a Civil War-esque conflict between some of them, in particular Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. The trailer even shows them fighting each other. And there’s no Captain America to help split them apart, which is interesting.

Taskmaster was also noticeably absent from the trailers, which is odd considering he’s the first major villain we saw for the game. I guess we’ll find out more about the story in the coming months. The story does look intriguing and I do wonder where it will eventually go.

Once An Avenger

Once An Avenger is a Thor mission that takes place after the events of A-Day. It involves a large scale encounter between A.I.M and The Avengers and Thor comes in to assist.

We see Thor’s gameplay in full force here and it looks like Marvel’s take on God of War. Lots of lightning, lots of hammer swinging and lots of flying as well. The entire mission was quite a spectacle and a full showcase on what players can expect from Thor. The frame rate was an issue but I’ll save that for later.

There were also segments where Thor teams up with the Hulk and Iron Man to continue their assault on A.I.M., showing where the co-op mechanics can be implemented. Overall, it was a pretty good segment showcasing what an Avenger can do and what we could expect in terms of the design of the game.

Cosmetics & Upgrades

The game also features upgrades and cosmetics for your characters. The upgrades are basically what you’d expect: it’s a skill tree for the different Avengers. This does allow for replay-ability and good amount of character customization alongside the cosmetics.

The cosmetics have a large variety to them, spanning throughout the many decades of Marvel history. However, some of these cosmetics are only available through an online marketplace…and we know what that means. This is a disappointment as having these as micro-transactions are a good way to make customers frustrated they can’t get them without paying on top of the $60 they paid for the game.

Another thing that can be upgraded is the Chimera, a downed Helicarrier which is also your base of operations where you get most of your missions and upgrades. Upgrading the Chimera is interesting as the mere concept of it means it will likely have missions of it’s own or at least involve it. It kind of reminds me of Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V. You also get more members to aid you in rebuilding the more you do missions. Even Nick Fury shows up to give you missions to do for more recruits. You can do quite a bit with the Chimera and hopefully it leads to a good pay off.

Overall Thoughts

The presentation was good showcase for Marvel’s The Avengers. The game was a complete mystery and was quite polarizing among fans upon it’s reveal but this cleared quite a few things. While we still don’t know the full details of it, we at least know a lot more and we aren’t just shrouded in mystery anymore.

It does have some issues, though. The frame rate was a noticeable element that kept dipping throughout the entire showcase of the game. It is in beta so they can still fix it, but the frame rate is in significant need of work before it’s ready to be released. The micro transactions were also a negative point that is quite needless. They shouldn’t be in a game like this and the game is better off without them.

They did state there will be more similar presentations like this in the coming months so we will know more about the game in due time. How many? Likely one or two more since September 4th is not too far away. If you want to see more for yourself, here’s the link to the whole presentation.

What did you think? Do you think Marvel’s The Avengers is going to be a good game or do you think that it still needs more time to stew? Let us know in the comments below.

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