Atomicrops Review

Atomicrops combines two concepts the management of a farm and the frenzy of an action game. It seems that the guys at Bird Bath Games had a clear idea with this original proposal. The result is an addictive and hilarious title.

Atomicrops is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where we have to grow vegetables on humanity’s last farm. To feed the people of our town, while defending all kinds of mutant animals, While we explore the post-nuclear wasteland. Without forgetting to look for a partner in the process, love is more than necessary in a post-apocalyptic world. So go get your pea-launcher rifle ready and let’s save this colorful but cozy town.

High on the hog

As is usual in the vast majority of indie titles, it has a commitment to a visual pixel art style. It’s a style that requires few resources and gives a very attractive result when performed well; it’s the case with Atomicrops. The animations of the characters on the screen are good, but without standing out from other similar titles. Enemies designs are varied and very flashy unlike those of our protagonists where perhaps more variety is missing.

At an artistic level it is where it stands out the most, it has great designs of characters and enemies. In fact, the most normal are the three selectable characters, the rest are quite eccentric and with fun designs.

The map we explore has several well-differentiated types of biomes, with their exclusive enemies, apart from the ubiquitous rabbits. With the variety of enemies on the map, it’s a mistake that a group of rabbits always attacks the farm.

A colourful apocalypse

The first thing we have to do is to play a small tutorial with a friendly farmer with peculiar speech. It seems that it’s simple, LT to plow the field and plant seeds. You may think: Perfect! I’m ready for the post-nuclear apocalypse and we are released in a lobby that will start empty. Nothing more than a helicopter that starts a new game and the character selector to choose from.

From here on out we are alone and without any help or instructions. It is something that is personally appreciated, there’s too much tendency to take the player by the hand today. So we get to the helicopter and start our first day of spring to work on the farm. And contrary to what it seemed when the friendly farmer taught us, it will be a hard task.

Farm like you mean it

The games consist of planting, fertilizing and watering the farm for the day. Exploring the map in a roguelike style in search of new seeds and objects that give us some improvements. For In the night we defend the farm from the waves of enemies that come to destroy the field.

After surviving waves of enemies, the helicopter will come to pick us up and take us to the town; we can spend the currency obtained during the day to buy different improvements. Give away the harvested roses to fall in love with a town inhabitant and receive improvements. If you marry someone from the town, they will go with you and each one will help you in someway.

At dawn we will return to the farm and start again. Each three-day cycle we’ll fight a boss at the end of the third day to continue to the next season. If we die in the attempt it will be necessary to start from scratch losing all the improvements achieved. We’ll start with games where we won’t survive more than two or three days, gradually learning and improving each year. As I said, it isn’t an easy task.

Post apocalyptic farming done right

In the different regions to explore there are some areas with flags, protected by a series of enemies. When defeating these, they will grant objects that will give players a series of abilities. There are a lot of upgrades, and in each game we will find different upgrades and located in different places. Making each game different from the previous one.

In these forays players will also find allies in the form of farm animals, from cows that help them irrigate, chickens that remove weeds, or pigs that will spread the field by plowing the land.

You will also find seeds for when we return to our farm before dusk to be able to plant them. There are a large number of types of seeds, and each requires different care. Little by little the player will get to know all the types and how to get mutations between them and improve them, using the fertilizer that they will get by eliminating enemies. The more you fertilize the crops the more benefit you will obtain in the form of cashews for the return to the town.

Firing flying squirrels

In the town we will be able to buy improvements and seeds, like those that we can find in the enemy areas of the map. But it is also the only place to get better than basic weapons, but unfortunately they will only last us one day. Of course, we will have weapons as extravagant in the rest of the game, from a simple shotgun to flying squirrels. Weapons can be upgraded as well and can be devastating as well as fun to use, with bullets bouncing or exploding etc.

At the end of each season, the mayoress of the town will reward players depending on performance. Rewards include objects, hearts of life and cornucopias. The cornucopias are the only thing that is maintained between games and serve to achieve perpetual improvements.

The frenzy of the shootings, with a large number of enemies will give you a good reward in the form of an upgrade. Although on certain occasions it can get quite chaotic happening so many things at once on screen.

Lenght of the post-apocalyptic farm

It is difficult to assess the duration of such a game. Each player will give a different lifespan to the title, because a game of a year can take us little more than an hour to complete it, but after several failed attempts, which will depend on each player. True, next year will be the same as the year before, but that would be just scratching the surface of the title.

Bit by bit you can get permanent improvements, I will only say that if you see an anthill asking for help do not hesitate to lend it. Get the three characters, new town dwellers and improve the initial lobby, passing levels from year to year, up to a total of 10, multiplying the final score for the year you are playing.

Every game is a mutation

Each game of Atomicrops is different from the previous one, after several games you can see for the first time an upgrade that you do not know how you have been living without until now; basically, the magic of a Rogue-like, where each game is different from the previous.

Perhaps the conception of a title that combines the management of a farm with a roguelike gameplay, can make you doubt. The result is a challenging and hilarious title that will delight lovers of this type of game. With an addictive gameplay, which invites you to stay saying, one more life and it’s over.

Purchase Atomicrops for Xbox One here.

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