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Today the Last Chance Qualifiers for the Europe and MEA region came to it’s conclusion.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the final round 6 of 6 ended in epic fashion with a great team winning that fans of the platform and Electronic sports might consider following. They were the team “789”

The Battle Royale with character abilities?

At the end of each game teams were awarded points based on placement in the popular battle Royale, as well as points given for kills.

This format of playing takes the category of understanding your usual shoot-em-up until you are the last player standing into speedy heights. Where in decision making is key and goes beyond the mechanical capability of what any controller/keyboard or gaming device you might choose to use will allow a player to progress without the key co-ordination of strong team mates. Or so you may want to choose to believe until you come up against a team such as the “soloQgoats” who actually seemed to play a pretty tightly and had great success in this tournament

Inevitably, anything can happen. In E-sports, confidence is the ally as well as experience and support. If you Enjoy Apex Legends on Xbox or on any platform for that matter, you’ll enjoy it. Don’t be daunted by the pinnacle of skill in any meta that you may come up against. Instead, bring your own creativity to the platform and I’m pretty sure that I can tell you – nobody else will be doing it quite like you.

ALGS Autumn Circuit Last Chance Qualifier – EMEA – Liquipedia Apex Legends Wiki

Good luck.

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