Another Dawn Review

Another Dawn was reviewed on the Xbox One.

When Another Dawn was made available, I really looked forward to reviewing the title. Looking like a hybrid between Stranded Deep and Far Cry. It really did look like a game I could spend hours playing.

Unfortunately, on the Xbox One, Another Dawn is nigh-on unplayable. The sensitivity of the camera is immediately felt. Even with adjustments to the sensitivity in the settings, there appears to be no middle ground for those using a controller. I assumed that considering this title is largely geared towards PC users that a mouse and keyboard would be preferable. When I plugged in my mouse and keyboard, however, the game failed to recognize them.

The console had recognized them but not the game itself. This was an early indication that there were going to be some struggles ahead in terms of Another Dawn’s playability.

My Eyes!!

Beyond the control barrier, Another Dawn is also not visually appealing. The color-scheme is luminous. The sea is an ultra-bright shade of light blue, trees are hi-vis green and the sand is almost as white as the sun shining above. It gives off the feeling when stepping out of the darkness and into the light for the first time and has a flashbang effect.

Speaking of flashbangs, the combat is also sub-par. You will find melee weapons in only a couple of steps but there feels like there is no point when the enemy soldiers nearby are equipped with automatic assault rifles.

In terms of when you are being shot at, what you see on-screen is frustrating to say the least. If you can’t see who is shooting at you, then good luck. All you will continue to hear is the repeated firing of the gun. Then your HUD will show blood spatter, a really cartoony and tacky blood spatter, to indicate your life is depleting.

It’s really very unfortunate, as there is a basis for a good and fun game here. It’s clear that people worked very hard on this, and it just didn’t come together. We want to be respectful to the team that worked hard on Another Dawn. As much as we want to do that, not telling gamers what to expect before paying $20 USD would also be immensely disrespectful to those who work hard and want to enjoy a game in their free time. The truth is that Another Dawn, in its current state, is one of the worst games on the Xbox One.

It’s all very disappointing. Another Dawn is a title I really looked forward to and it has bitterly disappointed me how unplayable it is on the Xbox. The game feels a very long way from being completed. And I would be sorely disappointed and angry if I had paid for it. For a paid game to play, feel and look like a free mobile game is poor and left me really gutted.  

You can purchase Another Dawn on Xbox here.

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