Ancient Hunts Come to Minecraft Dungeons, New Endgame Content

The Nether has officially been added to Minecraft Dungeons in the Flames of the Nether DLC, which launches today alongside a substantial free update. Flames of the Nether is available to purchase now, and is also available as part of the Season Pass. Everyone can download the accompanying free update today, which adds a new form of endgame content called Ancient Hunts, as well as rare Gilded loot.

Flames of the Nether adds six new levels that take you through the fiery pits of the Nether. Defeating the new enemies that await deep within will reward you with new weapons, artefacts and gear. Players who purchase the DLC will also receive two new skins and a Baby Ghast pet.

A substantial free update has also launched today, adding in new content for all players. The update adds Ancient Hunts, a new form of endgame content that challenges players more than ever before. However, those that can defeat the Ancient Mobs might earn some Gilded gear, a new tier of loot that players can only find in this new content.

A new currency called gold is also being added to the game, which you can give to a new Piglin merchant in your camp. The merchant will arrive after you collect your first piece of gold. From then, you can exchange gold for some powerful gear, which might even be Gilded!

Flames of the Nether is the fourth DLC for Minecraft Dungeons, which has continued to be extremely popular since it’s launch last year – Mojang recently announced that the game has surpassed 10 Million Players across all platforms.

You can purchase Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One here. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. Are you excited to farm Gilded gear in the new Ancient Hunts? Let us know over on our Discord, where you can join us and our growing community! You can find more from our team below:

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