All Elite Wrestling Unveils AEW Games: 3 Games Confirmed for Development

Wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling launched a new division named AEW Games with the goal of video game production. In a move to help build their brand beyond wrestling and reach new fans. The company have revealed during a 20 minute presentation on YouTube to expect three new games in the future. Firstly and most notable of which a console title being developed by Yuke’s. As described by Kenny Omega, the game will be something like WWF No Mercy. From what we can see, the game will allow intergender wrestling, the first game to do so in years.

Yuke’s are known for developing the WWE 2K series up until a change of studios. Which led to the calamitous 2K20. This could prove to be quite the coup if AEW can get the best out of them.

We were further confirmed to be getting AEW Casino: Double or Nothing and AEW Elite GM. But these two were announced as mobile games, fingers crossed they land on Xbox in some capacity.

Developed by KamaGames, Double or Nothing will be a Vegas casino style game featuring AEW branded slots, blackjack, poker and roulette. The game will feature AEW music, sounds, videos, wrestler avatars and more.

Meanwhile, Crystallized Games will develop AEW Elite GM. This will be a general manager simulator game that will see you take on the role of AEW GM. You will get to design a roster of wrestlers, book matches, run the show and generate revenue. This will give you a stylized look into what happens behind the curtains as you make AEW the biggest promotion on the planet.

What everyone had to say

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary company comes along and changes everything. AEW is doing that today,” said Kenny Omega, EVP of AEW.

“When I first signed with AEW, I asked Tony Khan to let me help assemble the best gaming team on the planet, to make the best wrestling games ever. With masterminds like Geta and the incredible team at Yuke’s, we are well on the path to deliver a fresh, vastly superior gaming experience that our fans deserve.”

“It’s amazing to think that less than two years ago, we sent shockwaves through the professional wrestling industry with the launch of AEW, and now we are rolling out our new revolutionary games,” said Tony Khan, CEO and GM of AEW.

 “We make a point to listen to our fans, and we know that a rejuvenated and immersive gaming experience is critical to the overall wrestling experience. It’s going to be cool to see our fans enjoying a next-gen console wrestling game that actually implements their feedback. This is just the beginning of a new era of gaming for wrestling fans around the world.”

“It is a tremendous honour to be a part of writing the first page in a new history of wrestling games,” said Hiromi Furuta, SVP at Yuke’s.

With Yuke’s AEW title confirmed to be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It’s an exciting time to be a wrestling fan and gamer. Make sure to keep up to date on all things Xbox with Generation Xbox.

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