Aaron Keener: A Beast of the Division’s Conception

As Ubisoft takes us on this journey through the post-apocalyptic United States, they have emphasized The Division’s importance in this universe’s society. With the eerie reminder of our own reality, The Division must battle the resurgence of a deadly virus as well as rebuild the United States from the ground-up. The only known group to reject The Division as a force for good would be small selections in New York and D.C. Their distrust of The Division comes from the chaos wrought on by none other than Aaron Keener.

Strategic Homeland Division

When thinking about a military sect, the community is not necessarily one of the characteristics that come to mind. Those who are in The Division are likely to have a self-sacrificing attitude. When all else fails, they are the ones to clean up the mess. Training for The Division is rigorous and slow. The emphasis on mental strength rather than physical strength is telling to what The Division is looking for. With that in mind, making sure your recruits are mentally up to par would be greatly important. If agents failed to exhibit superb mental capabilities, The Division should be held accountable.

Accountability is a word that comes to mind when thinking about any military force, and The Division is no exception. They were tasked with some of the most dangerous and world-changing missions, and it’s a wonder that they lasted as long as they did. Until they didn’t. When New York City became ground zero for the infamous Dollar Flu, the United States government activated The Division. Attempting to gain control over the heavily impacted areas known as the Dark Zone, they were overwhelmed and retreated.

Leaving behind everything they worked for and angering one particular Division agent, Aaron Keener. Keener believed that the United States government and The Division had failed, went rogue, and sought to take others with him.

The Makings of Aaron Keener

There are a few characters in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 that share Aaron Keener’s sentiment. One notable person would be Paul Rhodes, who has a problem with The Division’s lack of accountability.

The Division would have considered Keener one of their most exceptional agents. According to the lore, he excelled in everything he did, in education and on the field. His determination and perseverance made him the perfect candidate. In the days before his military experience, he lived a privileged life. Despite having a privileged upbringing, he eventually acquired enough life-threatening experience when he joined The Division.

Keener was activated along with others in the First Wave when the outbreak started. He was part of the First Wave of agents that were forced to retreat. Trying to save a group of civilians in the Dark, a radical group ambushed him. Shielding the civilians in an apartment building and fending the radicals off by himself, he tried to call in for help. Despite his reputation and situation, the Joint Task Force wrote his concerns off. He was the only person to make it out alive after the attack.

New Epidemic, Going Rogue

That experience changed Keener, and he made his mind up to leave The Division behind. However, the government did not bother to help those who needed it, and he only found it appropriate to return the sentiment. Turning his back on his oath to service, he went rogue and brought anyone he could convince with him, killing those who refused.

Keener’s decision to go, rogue sparked something in other agents, who then followed suit. Many with selfish reasons like using their skills to loot or gain control, others desire to save themselves and their loved ones. Then there were those like Keener, who found that The Division was not reliable. The discontent with the organization that they once fought for fueled by the lack of accountability created others like Faye Lau.

What many former agents have in common is their lack of trust in The Division. As more agents disavow The Division, the fall of the organization could be imminent.

The Fall of The Division

By the end of Warlords of New York, we see the signs of collapse. Faye Lau disavowing The Division is one of the first of many possible signs of The Division crumbling from within. We can see the reasons for these agents going rogue, many of which stem from a growing distrust of The Division. The Division continues to neglect those who betray the cause, the number of rogue agents increases. Realizing that there are no strings attached, it is quite easy to fall rogue. There is no basis for which The Division stands on.

In situations like Lau and Keener, you risk losing your humanity in either direction. Whether you stay true to trying to restore order or you abandon that rhetoric and promote your own cause. Lau’s departure could be a precursor to a split within The Division: SHD Division and Rogue Division. Is it possible that The Division could collapse in future games? Perhaps Ubisoft will introduce a different course where The Division is rebuilt.

However, The Division is still benevolent and resourceful. The scattered survivors in D.C. and New York City are grateful for everything that The Division has provided. Former agents usually have their own agenda when they become rogue agents. Whether or not their abandonment is moral depends on what they do after they leave. The Division 2 and Warlords of New York are attempting to show us that either side can have their issues.

Future In The Hands of The People

Aaron Keener started the rogue movement that influenced hundreds of trusted Division agents to abandon their duties. This created chaos and mistrust among the government and the civilians that they protect. But it isn’t all cut-and-dry, as The Division has refused to take responsibility for their rogue agents and the various reasons they go rogue. Agents’ autonomous positions could very well be the downfall of The Division, and the future of society and order may be in the hands of the noncombatants who have stepped up.

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