5 Maps We Want To See Return In Halo Infinite

Halo is littered with some of the most iconic multiplayer maps in gaming. Full of memories of playing with friends, videos such as Red vs Blue and player creations made in the Forge mode. Halo maps are more than just arenas. We’ve seen a fair few maps in the series come, stay and go. So here are five maps we want to see return in Halo Infinite.

Zanzibar/Last Resort

Zanzibar is a map very rich in features for it’s time. Originally from Halo 2 and making an appearance in Halo 3, the map features a giant, ever turning wind turbine to power the nearby facility. Within this facility sits a generator offering energy. Zanzibar also introduces interactivity to Halo’s maps in the form of a console linked to a door that opens when pressed.

The giant turbine is such a dynamic addition to a map as it allows for so much. Extra traversal options to the upper areas, or making a quick escape in a Warthog by jumping through the blades. And why there weren’t more maps with interactive elements I’ll never know. Hopefully we will see more of that in Infinite.


One of the most controversial changes in Halo 4 was the art style. Especially when it came to the Forerunner environments. 343’s vision of the ancient alien race was vastly different to Bungie’s. It was a lot more curvaceous and detailed with floating parts and bright lights.

With Halo Infinite returning to an art style that more so resembles Bungie’s, it would be great to see Haven again. This blend of two different Forerunner styles would make for a great recreation of an entirely Forerunner based map. Especially after the most recent 343 blogpost.


I feel cold just looking at this map. The snow particles and wind sound effects really put you into this map. There’s a very eerie feel to Lockout, and that’s not only down to the ghost of this map. This map has a very isolated feel to it. That may be down to being suspended high up a cliff side but it is spooky nonetheless.

Much like the previous map, Lockout would benefit greatly from Halo Infinite’s new art style. Especially as this map has seen a remaster for Halo 2 Anniversary which, in my opinion, didn’t capture the same isolated and spooky feel. Hopefully Infinite can give us something eerie.

The Pit/Pitfall

Situated in a UNSC training area, The Pit is one of Halo 3’s most memorable maps. Small enough for a quick 4v4 match but big enough to pull off some across maps snipes, The Pit is a great all-round map. A cool feature of this map are the targets. Mostly Brute targets that pop up when you get close, but the more eagle eyed player may notice the Jackal target up high.

The Pit did return in Halo 4 in a much different form. Pitfall is a long abandoned and derelict version of the map. Overcome by sand and weathering. It would be great to see a different side to this map. While we’ve seen a used and abandoned version, why not a brand new and unused version? With Halo Infinite’s setting, this could work very well.

Blood Gulch/Coagulation

You were probably expecting this one, as much as you’d expect a variation of this map in a Halo game. Personally, I spent most of my childhood in Blood Gulch. Easily one of the most iconic maps in Halo, Blood Gulch is home to many memories of Capture the Flag matches and Big Team Battles. Halo Infinite would certainly benefit from such a simple yet effective map.

Blood Gulch was also where Red vs Blue began and pioneered the Machinima. Halo 2 had an updated version of the map called Coagulation, and since then there have been few appearances of the map. We saw a version in Halo: Reach and an overhauled remake in Halo 2 Anniversary, but nothing faithful. This is likely due to the map becoming Valhalla and Ragnarok in Halo 3 and 4 respectively.

Honorable Mentions

Forge World

A blank canvas that’s not so blank, Halo: Reach’s Forge World was the perfect addition after the popularity of Forge mode in Halo 3. While it was mostly empty, Forge World featured canyons, mountains and caves all to build in. After the evolution of the Forge mode in Halo 5, a vast playground like this would be perfect in Infinite.


Sandtrap is probably Halo 3’s most unique map. It introduced a fan favourite vehicle, the Elephant. Situated on either end of the map are two of these giant machines. They’re slow, but pack a punch with their potential for vehicle, weapon and player transport. Since then, we haven’t really seen anything like it.

Boarding Action

Boarding Action is another one of Halo’s incredibly unique maps. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it again. Two ships adjacent one another with open walk ways. In between these ships, an impossible to cross gap that leads into space. While it’s not really the most exciting map ever, it would be great to see some more unconventional maps like it.


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