5 Co-op Games to Play with Your Friends Right Now

We have been more than two months in isolation and it’s becoming quite difficult. That is why today we are bringing you a small list of titles you can play with your buddies. So gather your friends, stay 6 feet apart and spend a good afternoon playing co-op.

World War Z

World War Z is a cooperative shooter with many zombies, inspired by the movie of the same name. It’s a spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead 2 and features a four-player campaign where you tour many countries. The game also presents us with several multiplayer modes, and a Horde Mode where we must survive as many waves as possible.

In World War Z humanity has been besieged by an infection that is turning the entire population into zombies. It’s left cities in ruins, and destroyed the resources to survive. Death lurks behind every corner. From the get go the game allows us to choose where to start trying to eradicate this threat.

Thus we will have at our disposal from the beginning a total of 11 missions. We can play in any order we want. Each one will be divided into a total of four chapters, each corresponding to a city.

Resident Evil: Resistance

Released last month this asymmetric multiplayer is set in the iconic Resident Evil world. It premiered the same day as the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 3. A group of four Survivors must strategically work together to escape the fiendish experiments led by the ruthless Mastermind. Each of the chosen Survivors depend on the weapons available and their unique abilities to help each other. They will attempt to escape from a wicked environment in which we can choose our role.

When playing as a Survivor, our perspective will be in the third person, as in Resident Evil 3 remake. We must advance through the scenarios collecting weapons and objects, avoiding traps, eliminating or avoiding enemies. We need to find key objects that allow us to advance until we can reach the exit to escape successfully.

When playing as a Brain, our perspective changes. As one of the brightest minds in Umbrella, our duty is to eliminate the Survivors at all costs. We can use the surveillance camera system on the stage to stalk the Survivors. We can also place traps and enemies throughout. The game goes to third person when we control one of the creatures. You can control a simple zombie or abominations like William Birkin or Mr. X.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a competitive asymmetric multiplayer horror game where we can choose to be the killer or one of the 4 survivors. Survivors play in the third person and have the advantage of having a better perception of the environment. The killer plays in first person and is more focused on his prey.

As you may suppose, playing as the psychopath or as one of the teenagers completely changes the playing possibilities. The psychopath will be able to attack (not a surprise), can see the trail of survivors when they run. The survivors will have to collaborate to get out alive from the nightmare in which they are immersed.

Gears 5

Gears 5 marks the return of the franchise, and was very well received last year. In addition to the cooperative option for campaign, Gears 5 offers other modes to play with our friends, such as the renewed Horde Mode or Escape Mode. Escape mode is an aggressive and high-risk mode that includes a three-player suicide squad that eliminate enemy hives from within.

The important thing about Escape is that it is cooperative and private for three players only. Gears and it’s brotherhood are well represented so each player has something to do without worrying about leveling up. You might think this mode was added arbitrarily, but when playing it with your friends it becomes obvious why Escape was a great addition.

Overcooked! 2

We moved on to a more friendly title. The well-known sequel of Overcooked returned in 2018 with a new and chaotic cooking game for up to four players. In Overcooked 2 we can travel with teleporters and mobile platforms and throw ingredients all over the kitchen making it more chaotic.

Overcooked was pleasant in a way that was forgotten in the video game world. The sequel has repeated that. This is for those who long for the time when they used to play with another player beside them. Leaning on the bed or the couch and playing any cooperative that was put in front.

Overcooked 2 is again that game where talking and laughing is the best part of the experience. It’s a game that is much more entertaining when playing with friends, but does pose a challenge when playing alone. A smaller, simpler, and friendly game, that ends up being an amazing experience.

So these are the co-op games you can play with your friends while social distancing. Tell us on the comments if we missed out on any of your favorite co-op games and for more like this check out these articles. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Generation Xbox for everything from the world of Xbox.

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