5 Best Horror Games on Xbox One

Phasmophobia released recently on PC and it’s extremely popular. Unfortunately it hasn’t released on consoles, and there’s seemingly no current plans to bring it to console players. Now that we are well into Spooky Season, some of you might be looking for a horror game to sink your teeth into. If you wish you could play Phasmophobia, or just generally want to let out a few blood-curdling screams, here are 5 of the best horror games on Xbox One!


Outlast has been around for a while now and even received a sequel a few years back. Anyone who hasn’t experienced this modern horror classic should take the chance this Fall to jump in. You play as an investigative journalist sent into an asylum to uncover the truth behind some strange reports from insiders. You take in your trusty camera to document the horrors you find inside.

This camera is a really unique and truly terrifying mechanic. When in dark rooms, the camera will help you see what’s ahead. However, it can run out of charge. Throughout the Asylum you will find batteries to keep it working. If you run out of batteries, you’ll be stuck in the dark with no-one to help. If that doesn’t get your heart racing, the Asylum patients skulking in the shadows sure will.

You can buy Outlast on Xbox One here.

Dying Light

If you’re looking for a good multiplayer horror game then look no further. Zombies are a horror staple, and Dying Light is my favourite zombie game ever. It’s combination of first-person zombie action and parkour are unparalleled.

At first glance, it really isn’t all that scary. After all, you have plenty of powerful weapons. If things get tight, you can just run along the rooftops to avoid the zombies shuffling through the streets. However, when it turns night, some truly horrifying creatures come out to hunt. This will have your heart racing, your palms sweating and you’ll let out a few screams before the night is up.

Dying Light‘s story is pretty good too, and the city is a joy to free-run through and explore. There are also boat loads of free content updates and a large DLC that moves the action from the streets to the countryside. It’s a highlight of this generation, and deserves to be played.

You can buy Dying Light on Xbox One here.

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die may not look the part, it’s true. But neither does Phasmophobia. Graphics aren’t necessary to fill players with fear. 7 Days to Die still proves to be a challenging horror experience, and it doesn’t rely on jump scares.

7 Days to Die is primarily a survival game – find food and water, craft weapons and build a cool base. The twist? You’ve got 7 days to prepare. On the seventh night, hordes of zombies will hunt you down. You’ll be forced to defend against the hordes, or run away and lose your precious base. When the sun rises, you’ll be a changed person, aware of this danger… if you survive.

If you manage to make it out alive, the cycle starts all over again. But, as time passes, the food gets more scarce and the hordes get bigger and more aggressive. It’s a nail-biting experience, but it’s a lot of fun. The fear doesn’t come from jump-scares – rather, you’ll find yourself nervously sweating as you hear those groans approach your base. Good luck.

You can buy 7 Days to Die on Xbox One here.

Alien Isolation

If you’re more of a sci-fi person then look no further. Alien Isolation, of course based on the infamous Alien movie franchise, pits you against the deadly Xenomorph. After a dangerous accident, you find yourself aboard the Nostromo, a seemingly abandoned space station, lost and alone.

Alien Isolation released to critical acclaim back in 2014, and it holds up extremely well 6 years later. The key to it’s success is the dreaded Xenomorph. Rather than being strategically placed throughout levels to provide scripted jump-scares, the Xenomorph is a living entity on board the station. You never know when it might be stalking you, and it could strike at any moment. The AI is unpredictable and it makes this one of the most tense horror games available.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be jump-scares though. There are plenty. The difference here is that there’s no way to know what’s coming.

You can buy Alien Isolation on Xbox One here. It’s also included in Xbox Game Pass.

Resident Evil VII

Resident Evil VII is a rare occurrence for any franchise. It throws away the standard Resident Evil formula, changing from third-person action-horror to first-person survival-horror.

You play as Ethan Winters, a new protagonist in the Resident Evil franchise. You arrive at a seemingly abandoned mansion after receiving a call from your wife, Mia, telling you to find her there. The spooky part? Mia’s been missing for 3 years. What ensues is a few hours of true psychological horror, leading into that traditional Resident Evil action. It perfectly blends the action of the series with the slower, more psychological fear from Outlast and Alien Isolation. It’s one of the greats, and is perfect for a Halloween play-through. Just have a spare pair of pants ready, because the opening hours of this game are terrifying.

You can buy Resident Evil VII on Xbox One here. It’s also included in Xbox Game Pass.

Those are 5 of the best horror games on Xbox One. Whether you’re looking for zombie-survival or a true psychological horror, these are the greats that deserved to be played this Halloween. What do you think of these 5 horror games? Let us know over in the forums. Why not check out some other features from our team below?

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